Procrastination Meaning and powerful techniques to overcome it

Procrastination, time management

Procrastination has become a kind of compulsion in the modern era. Some of you do procrastination because of some compulsion in your life. But most of you do it out of carelessness and lack of knowledge.

Procrastination is based on the fact that you can do something in a better way in the future. But most of the time you fail to do something properly due to procrastination. You do it without any interest and out of compulsion.

Procrastination also happens because of ignorance. You think you have unlimited time and resources to do some work, but we all have limited time and resources. Due to Procrastination, you must have lost some opportunities and good times in your life.

Procrastination always does bad things in your life. It robs all your happiness and valuable time of your life. Procrastination also makes you lazy and less productive.


It is clear that Procrastination is a scourge on humankind. So we must keep ourselves away from Procrastination and its bad effect on us.

There are certain techniques that you can use to overcome Procrastination and its bad effect.

1. Objective

The main reason for procrastination is a lack of objectivity in our life. You are not clear in your life that what you really want to do. This lack makes you directionless and hence less effective and efficient.

You fail to channel your potential in the right direction. This vague condition introduces procrastination in your life. You start procrastination in each part of your life. And that makes your life very bad and unorganised.

Therefore a clear objective in your life is needed for the proper flow of energy and resources in your life. When you have a proper objective for a thing, you know when and how it should be completed and what are the consequences of not doing it.

So all this information makes you capable and efficient in taking the right decisions and the right time. This makes you less prone to procrastination and its bad effect.

2. Advance Planning

Advance planning is something that very few do. It is the best technique to overcome procrastination. Since you have planned everything in advance, you know how and when to do your work. It reduces procrastination significantly.

The Six-P formula says that ” Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance” So with prior planning, you know every detail of the work. You can start advance planning your next day. And you can see how efficient you have become.

Once you are comfortable with advance day planning, you can start to plan your week, month and year. Regular practice will make you an expert in advance planning.

3. Use the 80/20 Rule for sorting your work

You can use the 80/20 rule for sorting your work and its priorities. As you know most of your work doesn’t have any positive impact on your life. It means if you examine your whole work carefully, you will realize that you have few works to do actually.

So before performing your activities you must analyze this technique to know the real number of work you actually have. In this way, you can identify the important and non-important work.

By using this technique you can make your life simpler and can overcome procrastination.

Procrastination, Time Management

4. Think about consequences

When you think about the consequences of any work, you can know its effect on your life. Suppose you do some project in your office and you think about its consequences like future aspect, career growth etc. It will make you more energetic and hard-working as it is connected with certain values.

It is rightly said by Dr Edward Banfield that ” A long time perspective”, means long term thinking improves short-term decision making.

The consequences also forced the idea of forced efficiency. In life, you will never have sufficient time and resources. All you can do is that you can a lot more time on more important work and less on less important work.

5. Use creative procrastination technique

It is based on doing the worst things first and procrastinating the easy work. Suppose you have 10 tasks to finish in a day. You can choose the hard one first and procrastinate on the easy one. In this way, you can complete your important work in time.

Also, you can analyze to find the tasks that are time-consuming so that you can procrastinate that tasks. By using this technique, you can certainly improve your capacity to do work efficiently.

6. Classify your tasks on the basis of priority

It is one of the best ways to overcome procrastination. You can make a list of tasks based on priority and importance in your life. Suppose you have some tasks to do on a day.

You can make a priority list of tasks that can’t be avoided and have a high impact on your life. It can be marked as the Highest Priority task and so on. In this way, you can easily avoid doing less important work and can focus on the most important task.


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