Conquer Your Life: 10 Tested Happiness Hacks for Busy Professionals

Tested Happiness Hacks for Busy Professionals

Happiness is the most significant part of your life. Your ultimate aim in life is to achieve happiness. For which you do all the hard work and are ready to compromise your comfort, health and other important things.

But despite losing all the good things in your life for the sake of happiness, you hardly acquire happiness in life.

This is because of a lack of knowledge about the happiness of life. Most of us ignore the real happiness of life. Real happiness lies in little things of daily life that you do daily. But instead of enjoying these little things, you imagine having something big things for happiness in future.

This is the drawback of the modern lifestyle, you focus on things that may give you temporary happiness but not real and long-lasting happiness. And because of the busy schedule of professionals, they often ignore things they like to do. This is the major reason behind the lack of happiness among the professionals.

Therefore, I have searched for some Tested Happiness Hacks for Busy Professionals. They are as follows:

1. Prioritize Self-Care

It is the first step towards happiness. If you are not fit enough mentally and physically, you can’t be happy at all. So follow your hobby and the things that you like to do in your life. But due to some responsibilities, you couldn’t do it.

This is the high time to follow your heart and passion. You can start with as little as you may think possible, but start it. Very soon, you will be able to feel good and happy.

One of my friends likes to read books in different genres but due to a busy life, he couldn’t read much. It makes him sad and less efficient. But he started reading for only ten minutes a day and it made him feel very good and happy.

So the main point is that you have to follow your heart to make yourself happy and content in life.

2. Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

You must have heard about mindfulness and meditation. But the real meaning of these words is unknown to most of the people.

Mindfulness means seeing all your actions with great attention. That means if you are walking then you should be aware of each step you are taking. It may seem easy but believe me it’s very difficult. You can only be comfortable with practice.

Mindfulness gives you peace of mind and develops a kind of stability in your life. You will no longer be worried about anything, your willpower becomes strong.

On the other hand, meditation is a technique that controls your mind. You need to be mindful to achieve a good level of meditation.

Meditation also seems very difficult at the beginning but with practice, it eases out. There are several ways of performing meditation, some of which are “guided meditation”, “transcendental meditation”, “zen meditation” etc.

Meditation connects your mind and soul, you will feel eternal bliss at the highest level of it.

All these techniques demand some time and practice. It is the main reason why most busy professionals never try it. But believe me, you can achieve its highest level if you start it a little.

Tested Happiness Hacks for Busy Professionals

3. Exercise Regularly

This is the most ignored activity by busy professionals nowadays. And because of it you are losing health. And with bad health conditions, you are even losing all the good things in your life.

Imagine, you have all the luxuries and resources of life but you are unable to enjoy them due to poor health.


Most of you might be thinking how can you follow an exercise schedule when you have little time? Most of us do exercise as an extra activity other than our daily routine. Thi sis the main reason behind not having a good schedule.

You must think exercise is an integral part of your life just like you eat every day. And you have to do it. But how to develop such a habit? Well, it will come with a practice that you have to do over some time.

I’d suggest you better start with five minutes a day and do it without fail for at least three weeks. Believe me, you will find it very interesting and will be feeling good. And this little effort will pay you a lot more in life.

You will be feeling more energetic and confident. It will improve your overall well-being.

4. Cultivate Gratitude

I think gratitude is the first thing that everyone should do in the morning. You must feel grateful for this life, the things you have etc. It will make you feel fantastic and energetic. You will start feeling happiness in your life.

Once you start feeling grateful, you will be feeling happiness. And you will be surprised to know that it was always there. But due to ignorance, you couldn’t find it.

If you ask me, tell me only one thing that will make your life happy. I’d say it is “gratitude”. It will make you a real human being that cares for others.

It is also said in almost all religious texts that if you are contented, you will be happy. And the main source of contentment comes from gratitude only.

So start feeling grateful for as little as a minute only in the morning and before sleeping. Believe me, you will be happy within no time.

5. Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Your work and life have separate set of things. These two must have their boundaries. And there should be no overlap.

I have been working in an organisation for the last fifteen years. I remember the day when I went to the office on the first day and met a senior. He told me to have a work-life balance, he also told me to never think about the office once I left it in the evening.

It was very difficult for me to follow his advice. But after a few years, I realised its importance. Then I started following it. And believe me, I felt very happy and contented.

This is the main problem of today’s busy lifestyle. The families are broken because of this, people are moving into depression etc.

A healthy work-life balance can be achieved with practice only. There is no shortcut for this.

6. Foster Positive Relationships

Everyone knows that we are a social animal and we need certain relationships with others in our lives. Those who are alone and have no or limited social life become unhappy and uncomfortable in life. So, it is well known that you need a social life to feel happy in life.

But, unfortunately, in today’s busy life, most people lost their social life. I have seen in cities, most people hardly know their neighbours. A kind of individualism is existing in the society now. People like to live their personal lives and don’t care about their neighbourhood.

That’s very unfortunate that we are turning ourselves into machines which don’t have any heart and feelings.

So, to achieve happiness, it is very important to have a social life. You can start by knowing about your surroundings, your neighbours etc. Try to initiate conversation in the office and if possible with any strangers.

You will feel very happy and cheerful by creating your social life. Our busy life has made us forget most of our friends and relatives. Try to make a call to them sometimes. Always be connected to your loved ones who are living far away. You can call them regularly. This will make your bond strong and will foster a positive relationship.

Tested Happiness Hacks for Busy Professionals

7. Pursue Hobbies and Interests

Following your hobbies and interests is a very good technique to make yourself a happy and contented individual. Very few follow their hobbies due to lack of time. This is the drawback of the modern era. People don’t value the things that make them happy.

I’ve seen many leading a monotonous life containing no time for hobbies and interests. They don’t want to spare even a few minutes for their hobbies.

They don’t know, how they can achieve by following hobbies and interests. A scientific study has discovered that following your hobbies even for a few minutes a day can make your life happier.

It releases a good amount of Dopamine hormone( Happiness hormone) in your body that enhances your happiness level.

Therefore, start following your hobbies regularly, even for a few minutes a day. You will feel happiness in no time.

8. Sleep Well

Sleeping is the most important activity of the human body. And most have ignored this basic nature of the body. Sleeping adjusts and repairs your body and prepares it for the next day. So ignoring hinders the well-being of the body and thus your mental health.

Lack of sleep often creates a kind of irritation and restlessness in your body. You find yourself lacking energy and happiness.

However, some aren’t able to understand it because of a lack of understanding about sleep and its nature. Some think having a fixed sleeping hour is sufficient sleep. However, sleeping hours may vary from person to person. It can’t be generalised like having an eight-hour sleep is sufficient for the body.

My suggestion is that you should develop a habit of sleeping without an alarm and watch how much you sleep. That will be your natural sleeping hour.

Once you have a good quality sleep, you automatically start feeling happy.

9. Eat a Balanced Diet

I’ve read somewhere that “You are what you eat”. If you are eating junk food frequently, you become unhealthy and a good balanced diet makes you healthy. Everyone knows this fact but a few follow it.

I think the main reason behind not following a healthy diet is lack of time and laziness. The lazy people, however, know that eating junk can harm them. But because of laziness, they choose to eat junk and become unhealthy. I think they should note that they are harming their bodies only.

On the contrary, busy professionals have less time to make a healthy and balanced diet. And they tend to eat some unhealthy packaged food instead.

So I think they should search for some cooking ideas for making a balanced and healthy diet in less time. Ultimately, they are going to feel happy by following a balanced diet.

10. Set Realistic Goals and Celebrate Achievements

Setting realistic goals releases a lot of pressure on you and makes you happy. Most have made their goal unrealistic without thinking rationally. And when they are not able to achieve their goal they feel unhappy.

So before making any goal think about it from all the viewpoints. And make a realistic goal. A realistic goal enhances your ability and provides a certain path to achieve it. You know every step to realise this goal.

The other important aspect is to celebrate your achievements even if they are small. In psychology, it has been shown that frequently rewarding yourself can help you achieve your goals in life.


In the relentless pursuit of success, busy professionals often find themselves overwhelmed by the demands of their careers and personal lives. Through prioritization, time management, and self-care, individuals can beat the chaos and forge a path to fulfilment.

Remember, it’s not about doing more, but doing what truly matters. By adopting purpose-driven actions and nurturing holistic well-being, busy professionals can conquer their lives with confidence, resilience, and a renewed sense of purpose. It’s time to seize the reins and create a life that aligns with your aspirations.

All The Best !!!

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