15 Tested ways to improve your communication skills

communication skills

Communication Skills are an essential part of human life. It is helpful at every step of life. In the modern era of information and technology, you can’t expect a good life without communication. And if you want to excel in life then good communication skill is all you need to learn.

The good news is that you can learn good communication skills and make your life a success in every field. But very few can understand the meaning of communication skills. Merely sharing your thought with someone is not a communication skill.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” ― George Bernard Shaw

“The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.” ― Stephen R. Covey

In the modern era, where people have less patience and lack time and understanding. It’s very hard for them to understand the real meaning of communication. This is the main reason why they don’t listen to understand but listen to reply without understanding completely.

And it is the main reason behind every conflict in your life. It is a well-proven fact that good communication can do wonders in your life and others.

You can see it in your daily life, a good communicator like a leader can mobilize a large number of people. It is the power of good communication skills.

Importance Of Communication Skills

1. Enhances your value in the society

You must have some successful people in your life. If notice, you will find that person has good communication skills. This is the key to his successful life. So communication enhances your value in society as you can make better connections with others.

In today’s society, few interact with others, they believe in individualism and a secluded lifestyle. So if someone is making good interpersonal relationships with others then it automatically enhances his importance and value.

Good communication disseminates positive vibes to others, creating a good work environment that flourishes businesses. It also increases your client base and enhances the reliability of your business.

2. Improves your market value

Good communication skill is the need in the present business world. Every business wants to advertise its products and services in the market. Good communication, skill is necessary. It increases the opportunity for candidates with good communication skills.

Earlier good academics was sufficient for good career growth but now good communication skill is the need in the industry. And if you have good communication skills, you can easily achieve good career growth.

Therefore, if you have good communication skills written in your curriculum vitae. You will get a better job in any industry.

3. Increases your career growth manifold

In today’s information age everyone is looking for more and more information, so that makes communication skills an important factor in career growth. We also have some curriculum activities in our colleges for improving communication skills.


You must focus on your communication skills for good career growth in life. It is a very important factor in our life yet it is given less importance due to a lack of knowledge and awareness.

You see any successful person in your life and you will find most of them have good communication skills. So, Good communication skill is the basis of good career growth.

4. Basis of a successful business

A good business requires good communication skills as you can make fruitful communication with your clients in a better way. You can create a good relationship with your partners, employees and clients.

Good communication skill not only strengthens interpersonal relationship but also the integrity of the employee towards the organisation. It also enhances your credibility in the market which is necessary for the growth of your organisation.


Never underestimate the power of good communication skills, it is a vital part of your business growth.

5. Makes you a good leader

The first and foremost quality of a good leader is good communication skills. If you notice closely any leader, you will find the quality of good communication skills in that leader.

Conversely, if you have good communication skills, you can develop leadership qualities. A good leader has the power to change the thinking process of the masses, he can make you change your outlook towards life. So it can only be possible with good communication skills.

All the great revolutions of the world are the result of good communication among leaders. A leader with good communication skills can quickly put his opinions before you in a clearer way.

Therefore good communication skills are necessary for making you a good leader who can change the world.

6. Strengthens your relationships

Often, you must have heard about divorce and other fragmentation of relationships. The main reason behind it is the lack of good communication. It is the base of any successful relationship.

As you know for a better relationship good communication is necessary which makes the value of communication skills significant. The plant of misunderstanding germinates with the seed of vague communication between the partners, which makes it vulnerable and unstable.

Therefore, if you want a good relationship, then learn to communicate better and make yourself more open to your partner.

7. Makes your life peaceful

The one who has fewer issues in life is peaceful from the inside and lives a happy and peaceful life. You must have felt that with a large number of issues, you feel restless and full of anxiety and stress. The main reason behind it is the lack of good communication.

So good communication diminishes most of the trivial issues of your life and makes room for better and more fruitful qualities. You find your mind clear and ready for absorbing new and exciting things in life. In this way, you achieve a peaceful life.

8. Reduces conflicts in life

The major reason behind any conflict is a lack of clear communication. You want to say something else but your partner comprehended it differently. It is because of a lack of good communication skills that created conflicts in your life.


If you have good communication skills, you can avoid almost all the conflicts in your life. You can have peace of mind and body.

communication skills

How to improve your communication skills

1. Enhance your listening skills

Listening is the most important part of any communication, if you listen to someone carefully then only you can have good communication because you understand things clearly.

There are several ways to improve your listening skill, you can check them out here. Listening is a quality that very few possess as it is very difficult to listen to someone. It takes a lot of patience to be a good listener. So you may find it difficult to listen initially but by practice, you can make yourself an expert in listening.

Once you mastered the art of listening, you can easily have good communication skills as you know what to say to the other person.

Therefore focus on listening to someone. It not only makes you a good communicator but also makes you a good person as you are paying attention to someone during talking.

2. Know your audience and talk accordingly

A good communicator knows how to talk and what to talk about based on the audience available for him. For example, you can crack any joke during serious official meetings etc. So knowing your audience is very important for having good communication as it prepares you for what to talk about and how to talk.

In your life different people have different states of mind and statuses, so talking as per their taste will make you a good communicator. Therefore, it is very important to know your audience before making any communication.

3. Talk as per the Environment

The environment also plays an important role in acquiring good communication skills. Suppose you are taking a seminar on some motivational topic and people are there for getting motivation. So in this environment, you can not say any depressing words as that will hurt them badly. And they will definitely label you a bad motivational speaker.


Study the environment also before making any communication. It will make you a good communicator. If you see some TED speakers how they speak, what they speak, you will realize the importance of talking as per the environment.

4. Use an emphatic approach

As a good communicator, you must say your word with confidence. It will make you confident and an expert. Audiences want to listen to something energetic so that they can feel the same. But if you are talking about a lack of interest and with low energy. It creates a bad image of you and definitely, and they will label you as a bad communicator.

Therefore, talk with confidence to everyone. But for that, you need to have some knowledge about what to say and how to say it. So emphatic approach makes you a more powerful orator and communicator. It also improves your overall personality as a whole.

5. Involve yourself completely with your audience

You must have seen a lot of good communicators. Have you noticed any important things in their style of communication? Do they simply talk? or they make their audience participate in the conversation.

I guess they involve their audiences in the talking also. It makes audiences excited and energetic. They feel good participating in the talking. So involving your audience in the talking makes you a good communicator as no one feels deserted during the conversation.

It gives opportunities to everyone to say the ideas that make them feel special and they feel good by listening to you. So involve your audiences for better communication skills.

6. Be Confident

Everyone knows confidence is the key to success in life. The same is true in the case of communication skills also. If you are talking with confidence then others will get a good impression of you. They will be affected by your way of talking.

In order to acquire good communication skills, you must make yourself confident enough. So the question arises how do make yourself confident? The answer is simple increase your knowledge through various sources like books, blogs, life experiences etc.

Once you have the knowledge, you feel confident and energetic while communicating with others.

7. Work On Your Writing Skill

Writing skill is a very thing nowadays as no one wants to write anything. Also due to various distractions few only do some writing. So why writing is important in making a good communicator because through writing, you can express your ideas and experiences.

Writing also improves your command of the language and makes you confident in your field. Therefore make a daily schedule for writing something related to various topics in general and your area of interest in particular.

8. Mind your body language

Body language plays an important role in communication. It makes your image good or bad depending on how your body moves while talking. For example, if you are talking to your boss then you should avoid any aggressive facial expressions that make get you fired.

Also if you are teaching some good habits to your children then you should avoid amusement and be serious, otherwise, your child won’t take it seriously.

Therefore, you already use such body language in your daily life. So just mind it carefully while making any communication.

9. Keep an eye on your tone

In a survey, it is found that most people remember your tone of talking rather than what you talked about. Tone decides how your communication skill be effective.

Suppose if you are trying to motivate someone with a very low and less energetic voice, I don’t think he will get any motivation. Conversely, you should use an energetic tone while motivating someone.

Therefore tone plays a very important role in your communication. It is the tone that decides the fate of your talking. So do it effectively by suitable tone.

10. Think properly before speaking

It is rightly said by great people, to think before speaking as once you spoke you don’t have any control over your words. And how it will affect you never know. So it is good to have some awareness and thinking before making any communication.

This thinking process will definitely make you a good communicator and reduces a lot of conflicts also. Most wars are the result of improper communication which might be the result of not thinking properly before speaking.

A wise man said, Most wars and conflicts can be avoided if we talk with full awareness and with proper thinking. If you start thinking before speaking, you will feel the difference in your personality. You will feel more confident than ever before.

11. Be impartial to everyone

It is the quality of a good communicator to be impartial in nature. He should be biased against any person, ideology, etc because it will make you rational and you will be able to take proper decisions.

Being impartial to everyone makes you more intelligent and confident. You are able to see the broader picture of the matter. It makes you a good leader also as you can treat everyone good and properly.

12. Watch carefully others and look for signs

While making conversation you should watch your audience also, how they are reacting to your talking. And based on that you should change the course of your communication.

Suppose if they are feeling sleepy, you can crack a joke to make them alert and then come back to your normal topic. So watching your audience not only makes you a good communicator but also a presenter.

13. look for feedback

Feedback is the most important part of any work. It is the feedback that tells you where and what to improve. So you can ask your friend or relative for feedback while making communication with them and try to improve.

It may be difficult for you to accept your flaws initially but over time you will start enjoying it. Also, you will get positive feedback after some time. So be patient and be improved.

14. Never miss any opportunity for communication

I’ve seen most people avoid making any conversation on different occasions of their life like saying something at a friend’s birthday party, putting their views in meetings etc.

These are the opportunities that you should not avoid as they will make you a good communicator and improves your confidence.

So the next time you find any opportunity for communication, just do it and don’t think about the result. There will be only one result and that is a refined and improved version of yourself.

15. Take support from experts

You can always seek support from experts in the field of communication. They will guide you on how to improve your communication skills. It will save a lot of time as you are taking advice from an expert. But the only thing you need is practice and practice only. With practice, you can utilize all the knowledge acquired through reading and experts.

Therefore I hope you will achieve your target of having good communication skills by following all of these action points.

Thank you and Best of luck !!!


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