Why consistency is important in life? some surprising facts

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Have you ever thought about consistency in life? maybe or maybe not. But one thing is sure you can’t deny the importance of consistency in life.

You have some idea about consistency. You have achieved all the successes in your life through consistency but you may not have thought about it. Consistency is the basic character of nature and the human body. You know that natural phenomena occur in time and consistently.

“Consistency is the hallmark of the unimaginative.” ~ Oscar Wilde

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” ~Anthony Robbins

But, all humans may not have consistency in their life due to their busy lifestyles and various constraints in life. Although they want to have a consistent effort in their goal but are unable to have it.

Let’s see some interesting facts about consistency.

1. Consistency provides a direction to your life

Consistency works like an energy source that makes you energetic and more valuable in your life. It enhances your confidence to achieve any goal in life. No one can get success without making a consistent effort in life.

To achieve anything in life the right direction plays an important role. And if you are consistent in your effort then you will find the right direction.

You can observe throughout your life how did you face different challenges in your life. It happened due to a lack of proper direction in life. And it happened due to a lack of consistency in your effort.

Therefore, you can know the importance of consistency in deciding a proper direction in life. And you can implement this to achieve success in your life.

2. It improves your focus/concentration on life

Whenever you are consistent in your work, you developed a kind of focussed attention towards your work. It improves your focus and concentration on life.

It is like a convex lens that concentrates your attention and energy for your goal in life. Most of you think of doing something occasionally and think, they can have an improved living condition. But, they fail to acquire it due to a lack of consistency in life.

Those who know how to drive a car, know how they acquired their focus and skill due to consistent effort. So once you have consistent effort in life, you have a kind of concentration on life. And after consistent effort, you find it as simple as daily work and do it without effort. That’s the power of consistency.

3. Consistency is what you need for self-improvement

Self-improvement is the result of consistency in work. You can achieve anything in life with consistent effort. When you work consistently, you energise your inner and hidden capability that you never noticed earlier.

It improves yourself a lot. You start thinking of various techniques and strategies that you change for improvement. And you move towards self-improvement.

There are several ways you can have self-improvement but all of them need to follow consistently. It is the consistent effort that makes you successful in life.

Therefore never fail to follow your work consistently. It alone can make you successful in life.

4. Consistency makes you successful in life

It is a well-known fact that if you want success in life then do a consistent effort in your endeavour. If you see the life of any successful person, you will find a consistent effort made by him.

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying fundamentals.” ~ E. James Rohn

There is no shortcut to success in life. You will need consistent effort in your work. You must have seen the growth of a child. How he learnt things gradually. It is the result of consistent effort that makes him successful in learning things in life.

I remember one of my friends met with an accident and had a serious injury. He wasn’t able to walk properly but by consistent effort and practice, he recovered very soon.

Therefore for any success in life, you must have consistent effort. So never fail to have a consistent effort in each of your work. It will make you successful in life.

5. It makes you well-disciplined

Discipline is the key to success and prosperity in life. If you do any work consistently, it not only makes you successful but a well-disciplined person also. You can achieve anything in your life with a disciplined lifestyle.

But, why discipline is important? because it makes you more focussed and energetic in your approach which makes you successful in each field of your life.

You can observe a lifestyle of an athlete. He has a well-disciplined life. And it is the result of a consistent effort that he did on the daily basis.

You can see any phenomena in nature, it is consistent and hence well-disciplined. So never ignore the value of consistent effort in your life.

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6. Consistency makes you goal-oriented

It is a well-known fact that a goal-oriented person achieves all the successes in life. And how can you make someone goal-oriented? just by consistent effort.

If you do anything with a consistent effort then you developed a kind of behaviour that makes you goal-oriented. You know all the things about your work. It makes you an expert and more knowledgeable about your work.

And you start working like a pro and become a goal-oriented person. You know all the pros and cons of the work due to consistency.

7. Consistency improves your life

Everyone wants to improve his life but very few work on it. As it needs a consistent effort to improve your life. But very few are willing to do that as they have to leave their comfort zone. And no one wants to leave that.

It is also a fact that if you want to achieve something in life then you must come outside of your comfort zone and take some risks. And so here consistency comes into the picture.

If you do something consistently no matter how small it is. Then after some time, you will achieve your target. And you will improve your life.

8. Infuses motivation into your life

Motivation is like a driving force that propels you in the direction of success. The right motivation can make you successful and vice versa. Everyone has a lot of potential but due lack of motivation, they are unable to achieve success in life.

They are unable to use all their qualities in improving their life. And after some time they started believing that they cannot get success in life.

“Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago.” ~ Bernard Berenson

And the right motivation can only be achieved if do something consistently in your life. So consistency germinates the right kind of motivation in your life. And so you achieve all the successes of your life.

9. Provides you momentum in life

Momentum in life is necessary to achieve success in life in a continuous manner. It is a kind of catalyst that makes you more energetic and able to achieve success in life.

Momentum is like a power of a jet that makes it fast-moving. In the same way, it makes your success journey a faster one. And you start achieving success day by day in your life.

So how can you achieve momentum in your life? The answer is through consistency. It provides certain momentum in life. The more you are consistent the more you have momentum in your life. And that is the first step toward success in life.

10. Enhances your credibility

When you do any work consistently, you acquire a kind of confidence in your work. It also enhances your credibility in the market. People start believing in your work and ability as you have a positive and credible image in the forum.

Being a credible person is possible only with consistent effort. Credibility is a very expensive thing, it takes a lot of effort to acquire credibility in society. If you are a credible person then it means you have a very good value of life and your profession.

It is the result of consistent improvement that you did over some time. You invested a lot of effort in achieving credibility.

11. Strengthens your relationship

A good relationship is all you need to lead a happy and peaceful life. But it becomes very hard to have a good relationship nowadays. You hardly have time for your better half.

This results in a bad relationship status. You hardly understand what your better half wants from you and life. This creates a lot of misunderstanding and finally leads to separation if the situation persists.

So what you need is to improve your relationships? You can strengthen your relationship with consistency in your life. Do small things for your partner consistently. Listen to her/him with full attention. Say I love you a few times. And any other things that your partner likes.

But, there is only one condition and that is to do it consistently. It will work like a sure shot. You will be able to strengthen your relationships.

12. Necessary in business

Any business or work needs consistent effort to flourish. You can have a successful business if you do the necessary effort consistently. Life is changing very fast in the modern era. A lot of changes occur on daily basis. Technology is changing rapidly and so are our lives.

So in this changing environment, your business also requires rapid change as per the requirement of society. So a consistent effort is necessary to handle the fast-changing scenario of society.

A successful business requires a consistent effort in running them properly. Here consistency is the key element in a successful business. Your consistent engagement is necessary for a better understanding of the business and its techniques.

13. It makes you accountable

If you do something consistently then you will have a lot of knowledge and expertise in your work. You will understand all the things required for running your work successfully. In this way will feel happy and more responsible for your business or work. And a responsible person takes accountability for his actions.

Therefore consistency is related to accountability also. If you want to make someone accountable for his actions then make him a consistent person first. He will be an accountable person in no time.

“Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.” ~ Roy T. Bennett

Consistency is the key to having a successful life. In every aspect of life, consistency is necessary if you need success. If you see the life of a successful person. There will be a consistent effort in their lives.

Therefore, I hope you will be consistent in your every good action. And you will achieve all the successes and happiness of life.

All the best !!!


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