How to Attain Positive Thinking in Life?


If you want to move your life ahead, you should replace the negative thoughts of your life with positive thoughts. This article will show you how to take the negative influences in your life away and replace them with positives. So you will have an increase in morale and productivity. Focus on the positive for success and peak performance.

Positive Thinking

Most of us are unaware of the various negative influences in our lives. We are inundated with negative messages from the various media, the people around us, and most damaging of all, ourselves. The first step in the process of replacing negatives with positives in your life is to decide to start looking for the negative messages and ways to replace them with positives. Decide that you will focus on the positive in this world.

“Take responsibility of your own happiness, never put it in other people’s hands.”~ Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

A positive state of mind generates a kind of responsibility to be happy and peaceful. It is very easy to have positive thoughts, we just have to be mindful in our daily lives. Mindfulness provides us with the capacity to feel every aspect of life that is useful in controlling our mind and body.

How to cut negative thoughts?

Start with cutting down on the amount of news you take from various sources. Most people start their day with various news and social media. And of course, most of the news is bad news, such as robbery, earthquake etc. Then you see some news on to traffic and weather, which also aggravates the negativity in your mind. So during the whole coffee session, you have a lot of bad and negative news in your mind.

This bad news makes us feel tired and unmotivated. It also affects your overall performance for the whole day, Also how do we end our day before bed, we watch the news and various social media which also has a lot of bad news. So with all this negative information we went to sleep and find ourselves sleepless.

The state of mind we are in before we go to sleep carries forward to the next morning. So we start our day with a bad state of mind. We don’t need any of the bad news or negative information we are consuming. It will be perfectly fine if we avoid taking so much negative information from these sources.

Start taking motivational videos or audios, inspirational music and sites like to feed yourself good vibes. Reading inspirational books can also help you a lot. Search for biographies, success stories motivational speeches etc.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is a little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”~ Frank Herbert, Dune

You will start feeling good with these simple steps. Your next step is to reduce the use of TV and smartphone. A study shows that most people use these sources unnecessarily at a given time. They waste their valuable time without learning anything important. So our effort should be made towards less use of these resources and utilize the time invaluable activities. We must watch the time we spent on smartphones. We must restrict our time to important activities only. So in this way, we can have plenty of time to improve ourselves.

Next, we must avoid negative people from our life. Most of us don’t know how much energy is wasted around negative people. They try to put you down and confused you. There are a lot of people in our workplace with a negative state of mind. We just have to identify them and keep a distance from them. Also in most of the informal parties in the office, a lot of negativities can be found. So try to avoid these petty parties and instead work on your improvement. In this way, we can utilize our time and energy in a better way for our goal achievement.

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The most dangerous source of negativity is our state of mind. Most of us generate a lot of self-talk throughout the day. We unnecessarily imagine a different scenario in our mind and start talking to ourselves which creates a lot of negative content in the mind. This negativity creates different types of emotions in us like hatred, fear and dissatisfaction. So all this negative state of mind prevents us to try new things related to our improvement. 

Know your positive aspects

We must start focusing on the positive aspects of ourselves. Try to identify your strength, accomplishments and how you are different from others. We must visualise ourselves accomplishing our target in life and try to remove the negative images.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”~ Oscar Wilde

The focus on the positive aspects fills our minds with positivity and happiness. The more we focus the more we achieve positivity and happiness. So positive aspects are the need of the hour to achieve success in life.

The best way to achieve the positive aspects of life is to visualize the positives in others and every part of our life. It also provides us with a way of thinking in the right direction to achieve success in life.

The more we visualize the more we will improve and the chances of getting successful increase. The visualization technique increases our confidence and morale. In this way, we can remove our negativity very easily and effectively.

Reward yourself for everything you did right, so you will get a lot more positivity about yourself. Also, spend some time alone to think about all the good things in your life you have. This will create good feelings in you that will make your day very useful and joyful.

Once you have a good mind, you can achieve your target very easily. It will also give you peace of mind which is very rare these days. Peace of mind is a very precious state of mind, we must try to achieve it.

Never ignore taking care of your health. Health is the greatest wealth of human beings. All the wealth will be tasteless if we have poor health. So involve yourself in some exercise schedule and follow it seriously. Good health gives us confidence and endurance, so we can do more hard work to achieve more in our life. 

Spend some time in charity work in your area and try to help others. This will further enhance your happiness and content level. You will be fantastic and full of energy by doing all this work. There will be no regrets in your life. You will be full of happiness.

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”~ Ernest Hemingway, The Garden of Eden

So by changing your state of mind from negative to positive we can make the world a better place probably, as we will spread positivity. This positivity will benefit all.

A positive state of mind is a boon for ourselves and society. A society with positive-minded people lives in harmony and peacefulness. It flourishes us with happiness and prosperity.

It is said that we have to work to achieve something in life, so wake up and start working and move ahead in your life with a lot of positivity. A positive attitude is required to achieve anything in life. It is best to have a positive attitude in every walk of life to achieve success.

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