How to Manage Anger Effectively in 2021

How to manage Anger
How to manage Anger
How to manage Anger

Anger is one letter shorter than danger. It is a situation when something we don’t like happens to us. Anger is very dangerous for our bodies and mind. As per a study, Anger can reduce our body’s immune system. Anger can make us mentally unstable also. Anger can arise from different conditions like family and relationship issues, work-related issues, etc. Whatever may be the reason for anger, it destroys us. Therefore it should be controlled before any harm may happen.

“Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges. Life is too short to be unhappy.”~ Roy T. Bennett

Anger can damage your peace and happiness. It can damage relationships, friendship and a lot more. But it damages us more rather than others. Its first victim is the person who engages in Anger. So we should not waste our energy and time in Anger, it will destroy us. It doesn’t have any positive effect on us.

In fact, our most important act of life should be to control Anger. It has only negative effects on our body and mind. This also affects our whole life and robs away our happiness and positivity.

There are 10 most effective ways for Anger management. They are as follows:-

1. Speak with consciousness

The most important skill that we should focus on is to think before speaking. The words may harm more than swords. The words play a significant role in anger generation. It is said that most of the conflicts of the world can be resolved with the proper use of words.

Our consciousness can enlighten us about what and how to speak in a particular situation. Therefore we must work on using words during any conversation. It can help us to control anger to a great extent.

Sometimes when we are angry it is very difficult to control our words wisely but by practice, it can be improved. More consciousness increases our ability to control our mind and so we can use proper words even in the case of an angry state of mind.

2.Analyze your anger once you calm down

When we are in the grip of anger our thinking capacity vanishes. We can not judge what is wrong and what is right. Anger is like a flame that damages us and makes us numb.

So we must develop a habit of analyzing the cause of anger once we calm down. To analyze our anger the mind should be calm and responsive. Analysis of anger can give us a lot of information that can be used to manage our anger effectively. Also, make a note of this analysis so that the same mistakes could be avoided.

A calm mind can do wonders. It can enhance our analyzing power and capacity to deal with things in an effective way. As per a study, we can increase our mind’s capacity with manifold if we have a calm mind. To achieve calmness we must concentrate our breathing and think about some calm situation of life. It will make our mind in calm status very soon. Once the mind is calm we can’t be angry anymore. 

3. Follow some exercise schedule

Exercise is a great technique to control anger effectively. Exercise releases a hormone called “Dopamine” in the body. This hormone also called the happiness hormone. So the presence of this hormone reduces the effect of anger in a natural way. Therefore it is advisable to follow an exercise schedule to manage the anger in a good way.

Exercise makes our body stronger and capable of handling any stress whether internal or external. It increases our capacity to cope up with Anger and try to diminish the effect of anger quickly. The exercise should be followed regularly. 

4. Take a break from daily routine

As we know we have a very busy lifestyle nowadays. We hardly take any break and work continuously. This busy schedule creates a lot of mental pressure which can cause a kind of frustration and anger.

This situation can create a hate feeling. This has a cascading effect on other parts of our life like relationships and family. So by taking a break from the daily work can make you happy and relaxed.

Once we take a break, our mind works in a different way. We explore various options for improvement in life. It creates various capacity of mind and we have a larger scope of learning and improvement. 

Some of us may not be able to take a break from our work. So we can take smaller breaks of few minutes between work and can contemplate for our well being. This small break does wonder in our capacity and energy level. It is a kind of reboot to our mind and our thinking process so that we can start fresh. This decrease our Anger level significantly and effectively.

5. Search possible solutions

What can be the possible solutions to control anger? This varies with the person. Every person has a different set of tolerance levels. So we must search for a possible solution as per our particular attribute.

Once we identify our possible solution, we can improve in that direction. This is very important to have knowledge about our behaviour like when we get angry. So we can avoid those conditions. It is also a good technique for anger avoidance.

When I get angry, I start listening to music or watching some videos. It diverts my mind from the current reason for anger and I feel relaxed and void of Anger. So by exploring new ideas really help us to reduce the effect of Anger.

6. Try to use ‘I’ words frequently

One possible solution is to use the ‘I’ word in daily conversation. We can start like ” please don’t get upset. It is  ‘I’  who doesn’t like talking about the job”. So by using the ‘I’ word we can make ourselves less upset and others as well. By using the ‘I’ word we can change our attitude as well.

This will increase our kindness level also. The kind-hearted person hardly gets angry. So the use of the ‘I’ word definitely improves our anger issue. It is a better way to see good in others also that makes us a better person as a whole. The quality of seeing good in others is a great attribute of a human being.

7. Don’t hold hard feelings

The feelings decide the state of mind and body. The feeling of something decides our behaviour. If we have good feelings we will behave in a good way. The opposite happens with bad feelings. So hard feelings will create a bad state of mind. This can aggravate the anger conditions of the mind. The hard feelings also make us restless and mentally ill that can cause several issues of the body. So always try to avoid the hard feelings.

The hard feeling is like acid that can fuel our own mind and behaviour in the worst possible way. It not only damages our thinking capacity but also creates a lot of stress and restlessness in us. 

Let’s believe in good feelings and brotherhood for others. This feeling and attitude will enhance our capacity to control anger significantly.

8.Use humour to calm yourself

Calmness is the greatest tool to get rid of anger. More use of humour will help us to get calmer. It is the best way to achieve control over anger. When we are calm we can analyze the various issues related to anger. The calm mind can function in a better way to control the mind and anger. The humour also creates a friendly environment that further averts the anger issues.

The effect of humour is different for different people. But in most cases, the effect results in a positive way and make us calm and happy. As we know calmness is the driving force that can help us to reduce the effect of Anger on us. So practice the things that make us calm and happy.

9. Practice meditation

Meditation is the best way to control the mind. If the mind is in control we can do any of the above exercises to control the anger in a better way. Meditation should be in our daily routine. The more we do meditation the more we can control our mind and anger. So meditation is an effective way for anger management.

Meditation generates a kind of cosmic energy in us that drives us to achieve the ultimate aim of life. It can make our mind super calm and happy. In this condition, we can beat any illness of the mind and body including Anger. 

Meditation needs practice and perseverance for taking effect on our body and mind. More practice is required to control the emotions of the body like Anger. But it is certain that meditation can control Anger.

10. Know when to see an expert

There are conditions when things get out of our control. So in that condition, we must seek help from experts. That condition arises when all the above techniques fail to achieve the desired result. In that case, an expert can help you to control the anger with some treatment. So, in that case, don’t hesitate to visit an expert.


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