6 Best Rules For Goal Setting And Success

goal setting and success
goal setting and success
goal setting and success

Goal setting is the most important part of achieving success in anything in life. It seems simple but it is very difficult to have a proper goal in our life. The goal decides the direction of our effort and energy. So the importance of goal setting and success can’t be ignored.

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”~ Rabindranath Tagore

Why Goal setting is important?

Because you can’t achieve success in any field unless you 

  • Know what is your objective 
  • Are determined to achieve that objective
  • Have a plan of action
  • Have resources

All these things are necessary to achieve any goal in life. These show the seriousness of the person to achieve the goal.

When we start following a goal we may face a lot of challenges in achieving success. Here are some methods that can be applied to achieve success in life.

1. Objective

The first step in any work is to define an objective. You must have clarity about your objective like how it will look, how to achieve, available resources etc. Be specific about various aspects of the objective. Your Goal must have the following characteristics.

  • It should be achievable
  • Proper planning should be done
  • We must have resources
  • The execution process should be well defined
  • Various other factors

Once we have defined the above-mentioned workflow, we are ready for the execution of the project.

It may seem difficult to define Goal initially but believe me, it’s going to pay you a high reward later on. More clarity in Goal setting increases the chances of success in achieving the goal.

There was a college study of two groups. One group has no definite goal i.e. they just want to have some job and earning, while other group has a definite goal in life such as business, charity and other definite goal. So after 20 years it was found that those with definite goal were more successful than those with no or opaque goals. So it shows the importance of having clear goal or objective of our life.

2. Dedication for work

Success requires dedicated and continuous effort. This is the key to success in any field. Our dedication decides our chances of success. So never compromise with dedication and hard work. 

I know one of my friend who was a university topper and very smart. Everyone knows he will do something great in life. But after 10 years he is working for a medium-sized company with a low payout. On the other hand, my other friend who completed his degree with an average grade owns a company and earning much more than any of us. So it is the hard work and dedication that gives us success in life.

Another important attribute is perseverance without which nothing can be achieved in life. 

These things require some sacrifice like we will have to use less TV and mobile for work and planning. So we need to adjust our habits and time according to the time available after project work. It is rightly said, “ You have to lose something in order to gain something”. So be ready to lose unnecessary activities from your life.

There is no alternative available for hard work and continuous effort. Also, our energy must be directed in the right direction.

3. Regular Monitoring of Goal

The monitoring of Goal is a very necessary activity. This will give us an idea about how things are going on. It also tells us if the defined processes are followed. The defined processes are necessary to follow to get success. But sometimes due to some changes in the conditions. These changes can be done only if we monitor the work progress regularly. 

It also provides information about any deficit in the resources. So it is also a kind of benefit that can be utilised to achieve success in the defined time.

The more we seriously monitor our workflow the more we get information about the ongoing work. This information can be used to improve the quality of workflow and execution of work. 

Therefore the importance of continuous can’t be ignored. This helps us to achieve our target.

4. Be Excited about work

The most important tool for success is the excitement of doing work. The excitement generates a kind of positive energy that increases the efficiency of the work. The chances of success increase with the excitement of doing work. 

The excitement also enhances the confidence of the entire team, who work tirelessly. It also generates a passion in us that removes any negative ideas from our mind.

Excitement about work is like a catalyst that multiplies our effort and thinking process. You must have observed this in your life. When we are excited about something, we have a lot of different ideas and plans. It gives us a kind of positivity in us that requires for the success of our work.

Our elders had been telling us from our childhood that be excited to do our work. We followed their advice also but as we grew older we forgot this lesson. But it is high time to recall that technique of working hard with super excitement.

5. Take appropriate action

The main ingredient of success is taking action. Action is required for the successful execution of work. All the planning will be a waste of time if we didn’t take action at the appropriate time.

The action should be taken regularly based on work condition. The daily action may avoid some huge sudden action. It is the most important part of our life. Action is required at each stage of our life. Never hesitate to take action, it is the best way to learn and grow in your life.

We may have seen some successful person in our life. He must have taken the right action at the right time with certain planning of course. It is a kind of testing tool for our planning of work. So take it as a tool to identify the problems if any in your ideas and work accordingly. Planning and action are complementary to each other. They can’t be effective alone. So for better action better planning is required. So never ignore the planning part also.

Remember one thing in life, in the end, it is the action that counts, even if you have spectacular planning. So just do it !!!

6. Feedback

After the completion of the objective, the most important step is to take feedback from its stakeholders. They will tell you about the quality of work, efficiency and other main aspects of the work. With the feedback, we also know what improvements required further.  

So the feedback plays an important role in the quality improvement of the work. We will be able to know the real-time working quality of our project. As we know the real scenario is completely different from the workshop scenario. So it is a necessary step in identifying its real value.

Therefore by following these steps you will definitely have good planning and successful execution. Remember the whole world sees only the end result of your endeavour but we have to see every step involved. For us, the end result is as important as each step. Also, we should not try to achieve the end result only rather we should do all the work with utter sincerity and honesty. One thing we should not forget that we should not degrade our values in our own eyes. So maintain your self-respect and confidence even if the whole world stands against you.

With these words I hope you will do best in your life.

All the best!!!

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