Inner Beauty of humans: Ultimate Facts you should know

Inner Beauty
Inner Beauty
Inner Beauty

The inner beauty of a human being is the real beauty. We have two versions of ourselves one is outside and another is inside. Our outer version is related to our appearance which can’t be changed much. But the inner self can be changed significantly. Most of us judge others based on the outer appearance but that is not the real one of that person. If you really want to know someone then you must try to know her inner self. Inner self will show you how beautiful that person is.

“Outer Beauty Attracts, but inner beauty captivates” ~ Kate Angell

Don’t judge on appearances

In today’s society, achieving real beauty is quite difficult. The women are told with the help of advertisements that they are not beautiful. They should use their product in order to be beautiful.

The value of inner beauty has been degraded in the era of marketing and advertisement. We see a lot of advertisement to make women beautiful as if they are ugly creatures. This is the insult of we as human being. We must understand the fact that every human being is beautiful.

Various companies make a lot of money from beauty products. They constantly tell us how imperfect we are and suggests using a particular product and services.

Apart from this, some companies tell us what to eat, drink and use particular equipment for exercise. This is the never-ending process of marketing companies. So we must think out of the box and realize the nature of inner beauty. 

Unfortunately, most of the women influenced by these advertisements and start thinking of themselves as not beautiful. They start using these products and services so rigorously that real beauty loses its value. 

In the name of beauty products and services, a lot of things are done such as waxing, shaving, liposuction, hair transplant etc and for what? So we can join the always-changing beauty ideal.

This is the never-ending process of changing ourselves. But we hardly think of inner beauty. This may be because attaining inner beauty is difficult. Also, the inner beauty is not noticed by all. All that matter is the outer beauty in this era. So most of us try to achieve outer beauty.

As we know most people use some extra makeup when they plan to go outside. They use a lot of things especially women, like nail polish, lipstick and other products. Men also use some items to look different and special. But in the era of fashion and modernity, they forgot to see their inner beauty.

They forgot they are beautiful human being and they don’t need any makeup to feel beautiful. We are born beautiful but we keep on thinking ugly because of the marketing advertisements.

Value to inner beauty

As a parent of a girl, I think of a day when my daughter comes home crying from school and tell me someone at school told her she was ugly. As we know that most of the kids repeating the things they hear and learn at school and home.

So in this case, I’d tell her how beautiful she is by showing a life example. I’ll tell she is beautiful not because of the clothes she wears on her body, applies to her face or how much she weighs.

I want my daughter to learn the true meaning of beauty. It comes from inside not from outer appearances. True beauty comes from kindness, gratitude and helping others. The joy of spending time with our loved ones and the sacrifices we make so that others can feel happiness.

True beauty means loving yourself no matter what your size, weight, financial or educational situation. I hope each of us should learn to identify the real beauty of life rather than blindly following the marketing industries. So I hope all these things my daughter will learn and know the value of true beauty.

It has taken me years of spending a lot of time thinking about real beauty. We can not be defined by the makeup we do but by the inner beauty. 

Therefore the true beauty can be achieved by means of inner energy only. The more we improve ourselves the more we become beautiful. So our main focus in life should be to work on the inner peace of mind and improvement of our character.

We must not see only the outer appearance in others rather we should try to see the inner beauty. The outer beauty degraded by time but inner beauty never fades even after death. So we thrive for inner beauty

Qualities of Inner Beauty

Although it is very difficult to identify the qualities of inner beauty. But we can certainly make some assumptions about inner beauty based on our experience of life. Some of the qualities that tell us about inner beauty are as follows:-

  • Kindness
  • Modesty
  • Generosity
  • Humility
  • Honesty
  • Purity

Any person who have these qualities is definitely has an inner beauty. Let’s examine each of the characters in short.

KINDNESS is the mother of all the good virtues of the human character. A kind person has a feeling for others, he tries to help others. He does charity work for society and all he can do for the well being of others.

A MODEST person values the efforts of others and encourage them to do some good work for themselves and others. He never talks about his achievement and efforts for a particular work. The modest person is very humble and respects all.

GENEROSITY is very rare nowadays, it is very tough to have this quality. If someone is generous enough to help others , we can definitely say that he has a very good heart and soul.

HUMILITY is also very rare in the present modern world. People never forget to show off unnecessarily. In fact, most of us lose a lot of money and time to show off to society. It has been a general practice nowadays to show off your possessions. So a person with inner beauty never do such things. He is very humble in nature. It is definitely a quality of gentle human being.

HONESTY is very expensive policy never expect it from a cheap person. This line is taught in schools to teach us about the value of honesty. In our life we met a lot of people interact them and forgot them by the time. But if we meet an honest person we never forget them in life. That’s the impact of honesty in our life. So a honest person is a jewel don’t lose it.

PURITY of mind and soul is the best combination of good values. Few people have these qualities, especially in today’s modern world. You know a lot of corruption is in our society, people are ready to cheat others without thinking. So a person with a pure heart is very few. A person with a pure heart always thinks of good for others. He never thinks of hurting anyone.

Therefore a person with these qualities is definitely a person with inner beauty. So the real beauty is the inner beauty. It never fades and become more beautiful over time. A lot of people in our life is having an inner beauty, we just have to recognize them and accept them wholeheartedly.

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