Importance and value of Kindness

value of Kindness
value of Kindness
value of Kindness

The greatest virtue of humans is kindness. The value of Kindness can’t be measured. Kindness is the ability to know the right thing to do and have the courage to do it.

Everyone wants to be happy but we are not ready to work in the proper direction. The real path to happiness is to give to others. Helping others will give you satisfaction and peace of mind. This infuses the virtue of kindness in us.

Kindness is a kind of tool that increases our sensitivity towards the sentiments of others. It gives us the feeling to understand the needs of others.  So it covert us from a self-centric mindset to an altruist. It enables our hidden talent to make us more successful in our life. 

You may have noticed most spiritual person involves in charity or humanity work. It is because of kindness only.  Kindness enlightens them to know the true value of life, so they care for others and do a lot of human welfare work. It provides them with a lot of satisfaction and peace of mind. Peace gives them a platform that enables them to achieve the target of meditation because meditation is what they might need for spirituality.

We may have seen a lot of people who is very aggressive and don’t want to help others. It is because of lack of kindness not resources. A kind person helps others even with fewer resources because he knows the value of kindness and humanity. Kindness changes our thinking so much, it can not be changed easily. A kind person does social work automatically because of the change in nature with kindness.

It is rightly said that kindness is the jewel of human character, It is felt and appreciated by all. Kindness ignores the inequality and does well to those who are in need.  In this modern and cruel world finding a kind-hearted person is very rare as we believe in individuality and self-centric. But believe these people can’t find true happiness in life. A time will definitely come in their life when start searching for the true happiness of life. So being kind-hearted is the only solution for them to feel eternal happiness and satisfaction.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” ~ The Dalai Lama

We may feel that if we give so much to others with our good intentions. Some people may take advantage of our generosity and perceive our intentions as our weakness. But don’t worry about others you just do your charity work the good will come to you. 

A time will come when others understand your true motive and admire you. The good work never goes in vain it is equally beneficial to others and you. Your good work will definitely inspire others to do the same charity work as you do. This will benefit society at large. The value of humanity will start spreading by this simple work of helping others.

Those who try to take advantage of you are very few. They will start understanding someday on their own.

It is rightly said by one of the world’s greatest leaders, M.Gandhi, that We must be the change, we wish to see in the world.”

The right should indeed be started by someone. So why not you and me start it? You know it’s very hard to start a new thing in life. We hardly take initiative for a new thing but to do something we must start. The easy way to do anything is to start it as little as possible and gradually increase the quantity or quality. But the important thing is to start. You can start with some donation to poor people. 

You should donate randomly without thinking of any reward or favour and without telling anyone. This is a very good practice and it’s good for both you and the receiver. To expect anything in return will degrade the value of your act of kindness.

You can’t get peace of mind and happiness if you are thinking of any kind of reward instead of helping others. To help others is a pious act of humanity, so don’t poison it with your expectation.

“You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Try this simple act of giving and you will feel fantastic. It is called ‘Karma’ the law of cause and effect. It works like an action-reaction method. For our good works, there will be good in our life. That is the reason in every sacred book it is said to do “karma” to do good for the entire universe.

Every human being is born for a particular reason but most of us don’t know why. Success in life is not measured by how much wealth you have, but how much you did for others. So always do some charity work for the society that will make the world very beautiful.

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Start sharing what you can and you will develop kindness in you. Kindness is the highest form of virtue that can be achieved by sharing. Society will remember you even after your death. They will give examples of your good work to coming generations to motivate them. In this way, you will always be alive in the heart of many people. On the contrary, if you don’t share at all you will be forgotten very soon by society.


So if you want to start sharing things and you have very few resources. You can start with very little as a meal for poor people, some old clothes for a needy person etc. You will feel better even with these small donations and a good return back to you. It is said that every action works in a cycle. So good act follows back to you. It is the nature of our Karma. Therefore good Karma provides a good return and feel. 

So start sharing resources with a poor and needy person. You can also go for some charity work for the society like disaster relief volunteer, free tuitions to poor children etc. There are plenty of options available for charity and sharing the only thing that is required is willpower. 

You should think of some small steps like being polite to those who work for you like domestic help, janitor, security guard etc. You can start calling them by their name and you will be surprised to see, most of them will work out of their way to serve you and provide the best service.

It is a very simple but effective way of feeling the value of kindness. We feel good if someone respects and values our work. We also try to do the same for that person out of courtesy. So it is a reciprocal relationship.


If you do this simple work, you find a lot of appreciation and love from your friends and society. It is really that simple. 

Therefore follow your heart and do good, believe me good will come back to you.

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