Most Important aspects of life: Overview

aspects of life
aspects of life
aspects of life

Life is very precious and beautiful. Let’s talk about various aspects of life. Here we will discuss various myths and facts about different aspects of life. How we can live a happy and contented life? We hardly understand the true meaning of life. 

Most of us think that having a lot of resources like good job, money, cars etc. are the main aspect of life. But we forgot that these are not real things in life. The real things of life is family, friends, health and the things you like to do. It takes a lot of time sometime to understand it. But once we get the point we can work on them to achieve the real happiness in life.

The importance of health is realized when we lose our health. When we are sick, the true value of health comes to our mind and we start looking for ways to improve health. 

True happiness can be achieved only with good health. So we must look for ways to improve our health. Health consists of both physical and mental. In this mental health is more important than physical. 

Therefore we must follow some healthy lifestyle like a good diet, exercise, meditation etc. For good mental health do what you like most. Good mental health provides you peace of mind which further increases your level of happiness in life. You will understand the true value of life.


Good health can’t be compared with any amount of wealth. We accumulate wealth at the cost of health throughout life, but once we fall sick, the value of health is realized. 

Most of us started caring for ourselves and try to have good health. They follow some exercise schedules and some hobbies etc. that makes them happy and contented.

Unfortunately, some of us still trapped in the rat race of money and continue ignoring the value of health. They may realize the importance of health at later stages of life. So it is better to follow a healthy lifestyle as soon as possible to avoid any emergency situation.

We have a limited lifetime on earth, so use it judiciously. Our purpose in life should be to lead a happy and peaceful life. No matter what happens we look for happiness, all the other material things are not so important.

The most important thing in life is not money but good health, peace of mind. All the money in the world can’t buy us happiness and peace of mind. So we should use our energy and time in acquiring peace and happiness. Remember one thing all the possessions remains here after we die. 

So don’t live a life of a materialistic person, start giving value to real things in life like happiness, spending time with loved ones, reading books etc. The more we engage ourselves in these activities the more we get happiness and peace of mind.

All the materialistic items are temporary in life, they devalued with time but things like love, happiness and peace of mind stay throughout the life with certain practice. Remember we as living creature should value living being rather than some non-living items.  All the materialistic items of the world can’t give you a contented and happy life. You will get bored after some time with your luxury items and will start looking for real happiness and contentment.


Some of us realized that family, friend are the most important things in life yet they lose some of them because of the rat race of human needs but don’t forget to contact them on some occasions. It will definitely give you some happiness in life.

But we should try at least to be in contact with our family and friends. This is the least we can do to achieve some happiness and peace of mind. We can make a call to our loved ones and share our feelings. 

Some people face a near-death experience. When they are asked how did they feel, most of them said they don’t feel pain and suffering anymore. In the last moment of life, most of us realised what we have been doing wrong our whole life. What we could have avoided leaving a happy and peaceful life. All our actions are reviewed during that course of time. 

Therefore most of us start thinking about the real things of life. They start giving values to family and friends as they realised the true value of life now. If we see any person like that we can learn a lot from them about life. 

Here I’d like to suggest a book where a teacher who was on the death bed shares wisdom with his student. The teacher was very old and has a lot of life’s experience. He shares most of his experiences with his student about life’s true happiness and how we should live it fully.


Also during last time most of us review our good work also and feel satisfied. They also think about how much their doings affected other people. They revised their whole actions and analyse them. So those people are a great source of inspiration. We can learn a lot from them.

I remember a person during her last time, she told about some good habit of feeding birds. She told me how she fed birds throughout her life. This small act of kindness gave her relief during her last time. So we must practice some act of kindness during our lifetime. This will give us a lot of satisfaction and peace of mind during our last time. No work is small or large just do it with a happy mind you will feel happiness and peace of mind.


So we can conclude that the most important thing in life is not wealth or materialistic items. The most important things are family, friend, an act of kindness, happiness and peace of mind. These are the things money can’t buy. So we must invest in these things in our lifetime.

Remember our time on earth is limited, so use it wisely. I hope you will learn the true meaning of life and start doing something meaningful.

“Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” ~ Steve Jobs

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” ~ Francis Chan

All the best!!!

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