12 tested steps for the greatest success in life

greatest success

Greatest Success in life is a variable term that varies from person to person. Success plays an important role in your life. It starts from the womb and ends at the tomb. Imagine how you succeeded at every stage of life to achieve your goal. It is the success that gives us the energy to go for another endeavour in life.

We make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.~Carlos Castaneda.

But in most cases, we fail to understand the real meaning of success in our life. Success doesn’t mean having all the resources and luxuries for life. It is a kind of state that makes us happy and peaceful.

Therefore to achieve the perfect success in life we must follow these well researched and tested steps.

1. Willingness to work for greatest success

As you know very well that willpower is the secret to achieving success in life. Everyone wants success in life but very few have the willpower to achieve it. It is willpower that motivates you to work hard to achieve the greatest success of your life.

Therefore willingness to work hard in order to achieve success in life is the first step towards achieving success in life. If you see any successful people, you will find they are willing to work hard at all costs. It is the main source of inspiration for them that channelize their energy in the proper direction.

2. Selection of objective

Imagine if someone starts a business without any objective. Will he be able to get success? of course not. The objective is the most important aspect of getting success in life. The clarity of the objective gives us the right path to achieve success in life. It also utilises your true capabilities and explores some of your hidden talents.

You must think of your objective clearly so that you can have a clear idea of what you are going to do. It will also give you some idea about how you will achieve it.

3. Feasibility of target

Feasibility is necessary for the achievement of success in life. After setting an objective you must examine the feasibility of the objective. Feasibility depends on various factors like resources, time and others. You must look into all the factors carefully before moving further.

If it is feasible then only you can put all your efforts with full enthusiasm. It gives you a direction for channelizing your efforts that ensures your success.

4. Goal Settings

It is the detailed setup of your overall work. How you are going to do. It includes step by step working of your work. You can not achieve success in life unless you have a good goal-setting like how and when you are going to do it.

The purpose of goal setting is to make you clear about your target and how you achieve it. It is needless to say that clearer goal setting is necessary for the successful completion of any work.

5. Planning

Planning also plays an important role in achieving success in life. As we know resources are limited on this planet and diminishing every day. So proper planning is necessary for the proper execution of any project or work. With proper planning, you can use your resources wisely and efficiently.

Planning also ensures the completion of any work in time. Therefore never ignore the importance of planning in your life. Just mark my word if do proper planning before any work, you will succeed in your life.

6. Time Management

It is also a limited resource and a valuable resource of our life. The proper management of time ensures the efficiency and efficacy of work in time. It ensures proper utilization of resources and improves the quality of work in any field.

It is rightly said that those who manage time can achieve anything in his life. Time management is important in every walk of life, without it nothing significant can be achieved.

7. Risk Analysis

It is also an important part of any project as it tells you about the problems you may face during the execution of the project. So it is having an important role in project execution. It makes you prepared for any unforeseen event of failure.

You will have total control of your execution process as you know the pros and cons that make you confident and efficient.

8. Take Action

Once you have completed all the above steps, the most important one is to take action. As it is the real test of all your planning and analysis. As you know the actual scenario is different than that of paper analysis of any work. So execution provides you confidence and makes you aware of the right executing strategy.

9. Regular Monitoring

Regular monitoring is as necessary as the real execution of the plan as it shows the real-time scenario of our execution. It suggests you any changes if required for the efficacy of the project. It is the regular practice of most projects in the world. You can monitor at certain intervals or milestones of project work.

10. Do necessary changes

When you perform regular monitoring, it is possible that some changes are needed for the proper execution of the project as per planning. So you should never hesitate to make certain changes at some point in time. It will enhance you efficiency and efficacy of the project.

It is also a test of your planning and goal setting. So if fewer changes are required means you have good planning and goal settings and vice versa.

11. Learn from your failures

Failures give you a lot of learning that you should use in your daily life. It makes you wise and experienced. So never be afraid of failure. If you failures mean you are trying hard and learning hard. Therefore it is the most important aspect of your life. There is a famous quote about failure is ” Failure means delay not defeat” by Swami Vivekananda.

“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour.”~ Truman Capote

Therefore never fail to learn from your failures so that you move towards perfection and achieve success in life.

12. Achieve the success

After completing the above stages it is sure that you are going to succeed in life no matter what happens. As you have tried and analysed everything with a positive state of mind. This success enhances your capacity and confidence and prepares you for your next project in life. And never have any fear of failure as you learn a lot from it.

All the best and best wishes!!!

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