6 Tested Facts About Happiness You Should Avoid for life

Facts About Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind that varies from person to person. There are various Facts About Happiness that is unknown to most of us. Most of us believe that having certain things and favourable conditions make us happy but the reality is something else. Most often we go in the wrong direction in the search for Happiness due to a lack of understanding of the Facts About Happiness.

Therefore, proper understanding saves our time and effort and provides us real happiness meant for us. Happiness is the ultimate goal of life no matter how much we get in life, if we are not happy all the achievements are worthless.

We must have seen many people seem unhappy and lack content even if they have all the resources and luxuries. It is because they have misunderstood the real meaning of happiness. They are unable to attain true happiness that is required for peace of mind and real Happiness for life.

So are the 6 Tested Facts About Happiness that everyone should avoid for real Happiness for life.

1. Searching for Happiness in materialistic items

We are living in the era of the materialistic world where few of us understand the meaning of real happiness. Most of us search for happiness in various worldly items. They are unable to identify the difference between real happiness and a fake one. So with this misunderstanding, most of us look for various materials for happiness. But after some time they realized that real happiness is something else.
We must have seen various people who have all the luxury of the world but they are not happy and contented. They always look for real happiness in life. It is well-known fact now that real happiness is beyond the possession of materialistic items.
Therefore you must stop looking for a materialistic item for happiness and instead do what you really like to do. Material life can give us temporary happiness and satisfaction but in the long run, we need real happiness and peace of mind.

2. Ignoring your inner Happiness

Most of the time we try to make someone happy and satisfied which is a good attribute of our character but in the process, we hardly care about ourselves. We ignore our inner happiness of life which may create some lack of interest in life. Ignoring inner happiness works for some time but it will lead to mental pressure and anxiety if ignored for a long time.

Therefore our inner happiness plays an important part in a happy and contented life. Someone has said that inner happiness gives us a lot of energy and peace of mind that helps us to achieve anything in our life. If we are happy all the things in life looks good and interesting. It also makes our habit of seeing happiness everywhere and makes us a person of a positive state of mind. Believe me, it makes our life very good and peaceful.

Our capacity increases drastically and we explore something new in our character and attitude that enhances our chances of leading a contented life.

3. Waiting for the right time

As we know happiness is a state of mind that comes to us because of certain actions and thinking processes. But most of us wait for the right time to be happy. We think if we have some favourable living conditions and resources we will be happy. And because of waiting, we lost a lot of time and resources that could have been used somewhere else.

Actually, real happiness is free from conditions and time constraints. Any condition leads to several mental pressures that prevent us to get real happiness in life.

All of us must have felt this feeling. Most of us have waited for the right time to feel happiness. But it is true that there is no right time to be happy in life. We can achieve real happiness without waiting for the right time.

Therefore start looking for small happiness in each aspect of life and you will know that it is the basis of real happiness in life.

4. Always thinking about your own Happiness

In today’s world, most people are self-centric and don’t have time to look beyond. They are so busy in their life that they forgot to live their life with content and happiness. It is one of the main reasons for increasing cases of depression and anxiety.

Happiness varies from person to person. Some may think of material items to be happy and others may think of something else. So by thinking only own happiness can lead to fake happiness which lasts very fast.

On the other hand real happiness is feeling good in every situation of life. This can be possible only if our search for happiness is free from any condition.

5. Choosing Money over Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind that makes us feel good and contented. Most of us think happiness can be achieved with money only. So they start searching for happiness in money and ignore the other important aspects of life. They forgot the fact that money can buy things only but not happiness.

With the money, we can have luxuries but not contentment. As someone said, ” Luxury is the artificial poverty while contentment is the real happiness”. In today’s scenario, most of us are crazy about having more money. We do anything for having a lot of money. But after some time we realised that it wasn’t worth having money in lieu of things that give us happiness.

Therefore we must choose happiness over money as it lasts long. It is happiness that is our ultimate goal in life. Every achievement is worthless without happiness.

6. Expectations from others

As we know that “Expectation is the root cause of all the sorrow in the world”. The expectation is a state of mind where we think one-sided about something and believes it true. However, it is completely different from reality and facts.

Expectation can make us weak and helpless as we stop believing ourselves. The more we expect from others the more we make ourselves weak. Also, it creates a kind of negativity in ourselves and doubts in our abilities.

It also degrades the belief system that generates positive energy and confidence in us. Once our belief in ourselves is damaged we can hardly do anything fruitful.

Therefore it is mandatory to avoid any expectations from others for anything and believe in yourself. It is the only way to achieve happiness and contentment in life.

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