Happiness and Success in your life: Ultimate Facts

happiness and success

Imagine you have all the success in life. All your goals are completed. But does that mean you are happy also? Not necessarily. Happiness and success in life differ from person to person. Most people think Happiness and Success are the same in life. But there is a striking difference between them.

You may have seen some people who are very successful in their life but lack happiness. The anxiety level in those people is so high that they take a lot of medication. It results in several kinds of stress problems in people especially those who are successful in life.

Therefore success doesn’t guarantee happiness in life. It may provide you temporary happiness that fades away with time.

Happiness Facts

Mostly happiness is the inner concept but sometimes it may be external also. In today’s world, most of us try to show others that we are happy but in reality, it is the opposite. Real happiness is not a rare thing anyone can attain. But in the absence of understanding about happiness, very few achieve it.

  • Only you can know about the true happiness by the feeling and peace of mind. Others can not say about your happinesss as it varies from person to person.
  • True happiness certainly leads to peace of mind. It is ultimate goal of life to live a peaceful life. All of you work for happiness and peace of mind throughout your life.
  • Happiness enhances your capacity and efficiency. You feel energetic all the time and achieves your target. It makes you aware your hidden talents.
  • Happiness also leads to success in your life, as you have improved capacity and state of mind. You achieve all the successes of your life with happinesss.
  • It is a skill like other skills. You can learn how to achieve happiness in your life. Basically your perspective towards a situation decides the happiness or sadness. You can achieve happiness just by changing your perspective.
  • You can also achieve happiness by the acceptance. The things you can not change, just accept it. Acceptance will give you instant and complete happiness. Just contemplate and accept. Things are not so complicated as we have made them.
  • Happiness also changes by the time and ages. A child may get happiness in playing with a ball and the same child after some years may not feel happy in playing with a ball. In the same way it changes by the time and age of the person.

Success Facts

Everyone wants success in life for which they work day and night. And success is often thought of as happiness. Although it gives us happiness for a shorter period. But for a longer time, it doesn’t work. Success is temporary while happiness is long-lasting.

  • Success is of two kinds viz, internal and external. Internal success is the true success that is you really want to achieve. But you a lot of things and succeed for others e.g for your parents, society etc. For example you want to chose sports a career option but due to your parents aspiration, you chose academics. Here your real success is in the sports and external or fake success is academics.
  • Success enhances your chances of getting another success in life, as it makes you self confident for making another goal. So getting success in life is necessary for growth and development. All the development of the world is the result of success. Therefore getting success is not only desire but your responsibility also as the future depends on it.
  • Most of us measure success on the basis of material things only. Also we follow a general trend of society in evaluating success in our life. But Success is not only achieving materialistics items but a sense of satisfaction also. So how much success you achieved, only you can measure no one else.
  • Everyone wants success in life but few of them is ready to pay the price. Success requires persevernace and hard work that few can do. Also few of them achieves real success in life. Real success provides you satisfaction,happiness and peace of mind.

Happiness and Success are related sometimes

Happiness is the state of mind that gives you peace and satisfaction. It is related to success sometimes. Suppose you want to complete some work in time and after the very hard effort you completed the work. So it will give you satisfaction and happiness. Though it may not last long for a shorter period, you will achieve happiness.

Success is like a flow of life. You achieved one after another. From birth, you succeeded various times in your life. It is the success that makes our life meaningful and better. You achieve success in every walk of life. You can not associate success with your academics and job only. It is the success in life that makes your relationship better. So success is ingrained in every work of our life. Therefore you get happiness after each such success in your life.


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