What Is the Reason Of Happiness In Life? Important Points

Reason Of Happiness

Have you ever thought about why you need happiness in life? what is the requirements of happiness in life? Most people never think of these questions. So they are unable to understand the reason of happiness in life. I have seen many people with all the luxuries and resources but they don’t feel happy from inside.

The reason of happiness is inherent in your life. You just have to understand and identify it. So in order to identify the reasons of happiness in your life, you have to understand the real meaning of life. I have identified some reasons that you may call the reason of happiness in life.

1. Basic needs are the greatest reason of happiness in life

If you feel unhappy in life even if you have all the luxuries and resources. The main reason behind it is the lack of understanding of real happiness in life. It is the inner peace of mind that makes us happy and contented.

As you know there are a lot of people in the world without having the basic needs for life. So you must feel blessed if you have all the basic needs fulfilled. It alone is the greatest reason of happiness in life. You should feel lucky to have the basic resources that most people struggle to get.

2. Your Family is the reason of happiness

Family is the driving force of all the happiness of our life. If you have a good family, you have all the happiness of the world. Your happiness level increases with the family. A good family makes you feel good and efficient. It enhances your capacity and efficiency.

Therefore if you have a family consider yourself a lucky person as very few has one. A family stands beside you in a difficult time. It provides you moral support to cope up with any situation in life. So I’d say it is a good reason of happiness in life.

3. Social Needs

Everyone wants some status in society once they have fulfilled their basic needs. Social status plays an important role in achieving happiness in most people in the world except some people of ascetic life.

Therefore attaining social status is also a good reason of happiness in life. However, it is not true for everyone. Some people don’t believe in the concept of society and its protocols.

4. Willing to work towards your Goal

You are aware of the busy lifestyle of the modern world. It also creates a lot of mental and physical pressure in our life. So most people don’t want to do their work out of passion and happiness but due to compulsion. They do their work in order to fulfil their basic and social needs.


If you are willing to do your work every day that means you are happy and have peace of mind. It is a good reason of happiness in your life. So if you are doing your work willingly that means you like your work life. That further means you are following your passion in your life. And those who follow their passion feel good and happy from their work life.

5. Good health is the key of all the happiness

It is rightly said that Health is the key to all the happiness in the world. If you have good health, you can enjoy all the luxuries and resources of life. But bad health makes your life a living hell even if you have all the resources of the world.


Good health is a boon to your life. You must preserve it with the help of a healthy lifestyle and discipline. It is the most precious thing in life and a good reason of happiness.

6. Spending time with nature is also a reason of happiness

In today’s busy life we have ignored our physical and mental health that is the main reason of restlessness and stress in our life. So in order to make things in order, we have to re-connect ourselves with nature. Nature has the tremendous ability to heal us from every ailment.

So in order to synchronise with nature, you need to spend some time with nature. You can start with a simple walk in a nearby park. Just go and feel the beauty of nature, you will feel very good and energetic. It is rightly said by a philosopher that ” Medicine is for the amusement of the patient while nature cures the disease”.

Therefore never ignore the natural things in your life. Include natural fruits and vegetables in your diet in place of packaged items. Believe me, you will find a strong reason of happiness in connecting with nature.

7. Reading meaningful books

There are two ways of acquiring knowledge and wisdom in life. One is to face every situation and gain knowledge from your own experiences. it will definitely take a longer period of time.

On the other hand, follow the second method of acquiring knowledge and wisdom i.e. from others’ experiences. For this only way is to read biographies of great people. It will save a lot of your time and energy. So in this way you can learn a lot within a short period of time and can apply that knowledge in your life.

Therefore you can find a good reason of happiness in your life by reading different kinds of books and by applying their knowledge in your life.

8. Visiting new places

All the places in this world have some unique and interesting things. You know in the present scenario of the busy and hectic lifestyle we have stopped visiting new places and acquiring new knowledge. So at least once in a week you must visit the nearby area and feel the nature and culture associated with it.

It will make you feel good and excited. You will be surprised to know how beautiful things you have missed over time. So it is high time to visit new places and enjoy their uniqueness. It will improve your happiness level and be a good reason of happiness in life.

9. Helping others

In this world, not everyone has sufficient resources. They don’t have any means of accessing various resources like education, food and other necessities of life. So a little help from ourselves can make a great change in their life.

Therefore you must make a habit of helping others as per your capacity. Don’t think about the quantity of help. Just help how little it may be. It will develop great happiness in your life. And you will find your reason of happiness in life.

10. Meditation and mental health

In the present way of busy and stressed lifestyle, we have damaged our physical and mental health. And that is the main reason of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in life. So in order to feel happy and contented, you must improve your physical and mental health.

The best way to improve your physical and mental health is through meditation. It may seem difficult initially but after some practice, you will start enjoying it. And you will see how good it is. You will feel happy and contented in your life.

You will see happiness in every part of your life. It is the best way to feel the reason of happiness in your life.

So just do it and feel it.

11. Spiritual Path in life

It leads to the last phase of life’s journey. You can find spirituality in your life through happiness and peace of mind. If you are feeling happy about life around you and believe that everything in this world happens for a reason. You can go for a spiritual path in your life.

It needs a lot of wisdom to understand the true nature of spirituality. You need to learn a lot with a tremendous amount of practice for it. It is the ultimate path of happiness and the greatest reason of happiness in life.

Therefore with the above-mentioned points, you will feel the reason of happiness in your life. It is also for your wellness both physical and mental.

At last, our ultimate goal of life is happiness. Happiness lies in everything of this world, you just need to see it and feel it.

So I hope you will find your happiness and its reasons.


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