Value of Happiness and Prosperity in your life

happinss and prosperity

Everyone wants happiness and prosperity in life but few of them knows the real meaning of happiness and prosperity. Happiness is the state of mind that comes from within whereas prosperity is the luxuries that someone possesses. But most of us think happiness and prosperity are the same and look for happiness in a luxury only.

For the good life, both happiness and prosperity are necessary. Happiness is necessary for peace of mind and satisfaction in life. And property is necessary for raising the living standard of life. So in society both happiness and prosperity are a necessary part of our life.

Value of Happiness in life

Happiness is like the soul of life, without it you can not feel alive. It is happiness that makes your life good and satisfying. Imagine you have all the resources of life but happiness. You can imagine how much dissatisfaction and sadness will emerge in your life. There are several values of happiness in life, they are as follows:-

1. Happiness makes your life meaningful

The ultimate goal of life is happiness. You all look at the ways and means for happiness in life. So if you get happiness in life, your life becomes meaningful. The definition of happiness varies from person to person. So there is not a fixed formula for everyone getting happiness in life. Do the things that make you happy and delighted. Never copy others in your life to get happiness, instead of that follow your passion.

Therefore happiness is your most important attribute of life. Never compromise with your happiness as it is the driving force of life. You will feel like a living corpse without it. Let me tell you about Victor Frankl a psychologist and holocaust survivor who found his happiness in pity things during his life in the concentration camp. It is that small happiness that gave his life meaning. And he was able to survive the holocaust during the 2nd world war.

In his book Man’s Search For Meaning, he has described the tough conditions of life during concentration camps and how he survived the holocaust. So look for happiness in your life and make it meaningful.

2. Happiness gives you peace of mind

Peace of mind is something that everyone needs. It is very difficult to attain peace of mind in the world of several distractions and stress. You are aware of the busy life of modern society. All of us have a lot of work pressure and stress that causes a state of unhappiness.

On the other hand, happiness balances our life and makes our mental status good. The stress level gets down with a happy mind. And we attain peace of mind. Therefore happiness is the most important and perhaps the first step in achieving peace of mind.

3. Happiness makes your life healthy and longer

In today’s busy life, health and longevity have degraded at a significant level. Life expectancy has reduced to 60-70 years which was 90-100 years a few decades earlier. The main reason behind this is the unsatisfied and unhappy life. We hardly get time for our health. There is a rat race going on in our life. We are tied between our work and family life. And yet we find it hard to manage both effectively that causes unhappiness and a bad state of mind.

Therefore happiness is the only solution for a healthy body and longer life. As we know a happy and healthy mind contains a healthy body. And happiness can improve our mental health and makes our life balanced.

4. Happiness makes you more efficient and capable

The reason for your decline in efficiency and capacity is the stress level of the modern lifestyle. You may think money and luxury are necessary for a happy and peaceful life. But once you achieve all this, you realised that happiness is something else other than money and luxurious life. But in search of it, you lose a lot of time and resources.

On the contrary, happiness makes you stable from the inside. You feel relaxed and calm. A peaceful and calm mind is necessary to improve your efficiency and capacity as you can work on it with full attention.

Value of prosperity in life

Prosperity is also important in life as it is a sign that you are making your standard of life higher. It makes you feel that you are getting success in your life. But in search of success and prosperity, you should not ignore the value of happiness in life.

1. Prosperity is neccessary for growth in life

Every one of us needs growth in life and comes with the right amount of motivation. Motivation comes with prosperity in life. Once you get some success and prosperity you feel the motivation that makes you work even harder to achieve success in life. So prosperity plays an important role in generating the right amount of motivation in life.

Therefore you should set your target to achieve some success in life. It will definitely generate some prosperity and motivation for you.

2. Prosperity gives you confidence

You have seen that most people succeed in life but could not maintain their success. It is because of a lack of confidence and motivation. They lack confidence because of the fast-changing world. It makes them completely helpless to motivate them. So here comes the prosperity in life. The prosperity makes him more confident and motivated so that they can further improve their life.

Once they get the confidence they can do anything in life. They start learning new things as per the requirements of the current demand and nature. It makes them valuable and confident to get success in life and more important to maintain their previous successful life.

3. Prosperity can make you useful for society and nation

It is evident that you can help others well only if you are in a good position. So prosperity is necessary for everyone as it indicates your good condition in life. Once you have enough you can offer generous help to others. So prosperity is good in the interest of society and nation. It may generate a kind of motivation to help others.

As you a large number of people is not as privileged as some of you. They need some kind of help to alleviate their living conditions. So those who have prosperity in their life can certainly work in the interest of those underprivileged people in distress.

Therefore achieve prosperity and help the society and nation.

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