Happiness During Corona in 2021

Happiness during corona
Happiness during corona
Happiness during corona

Happiness during corona 

The present scenario is very disturbing from the last year due to the corona pandemic. A lot of people have lost lives, jobs etc. Happiness has been very expensive during this time. It is a very tough time for all of us. We have to be extra careful in the current situation.

The situation may be difficult now but I know it will come to normal again and we will live a normal life. Life knows how to survive and flourish. We will win this battle against corona. 

The most important factor for winning this battle is your self-confidence and positivity. A positive state of mind improves our immunity and health. It is best for every field of life. A positive mind provides a lot of scope for improvement in life.

We, humans, have faced a lot of pandemic situations and came out victorious. It is the positivity and determination of human beings that made them capable enough to fight against such situations. So believe in yourself we have been winning a battle like this since time immemorial. The true capacity of us unknown unless we face some challenges in life. Challenges make us stronger and experienced to face any situation is life.

“Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savouring the journey.”~ Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

I have listed some important factors that will help you to attain happiness during the present situation.

1. Avoid overdose of news

The news channels may be doing their job of reporting all types of information available nowadays but they are unknowingly spreading a lot of negativity in society. This negativity can compromise our state of mind and immunity at large. We continuously watching this news containing information about the pandemic. It has created a lot of fear in people’s mind which is a very serious concern.

Therefore we must limit seeing these news channels. It will improve our positive state of mind and reduces some fear. The reduction in fear will definitely enhance our happiness and positivity.

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be. ~ Abraham Lincoln

2. Follow exercise schedule

As we know a healthy body contains good immunity so it is high time to follow a healthy lifestyle. The exercise schedule must be followed seriously for better health and immunity.

You can do some of the exercises like walking, yoga, breathing exercise etc. As per a study if we do exercise daily for about 30 minutes only our immunity boosts up to 50% -70%. So never ignore the value of exercise.

The exercise makes our body stronger and makes it ready to fight any illness. It also enhances our energy level that help us improving our daily work efficiency. Exercise also improves our mood by a certain hormone known as “Dopamine” which is also called happiness hormone. It has a very good effect on our mind and body. So just by following some exercise we can have a lot of benefits for life.

3. Taking a healthy diet is required for Happiness during Corona

A healthy diet is the most important factor of a healthy lifestyle. Health primarily depends on what we eat. As per research about health contains two main components viz, 80% diet and 20 % exercise.

So eat as healthy as you can. All of us know what is healthy and what is unhealthy but we ignore healthy foods.  It is a very bad habit to ignore the healthy food. Most of the illness comes to us with the bad food habit only. If we improve our food quality only, we will have much less illness.

The reason behind it may be a lack of knowledge, taste and demotivation for a healthy life. But the most important factor is taste. We don’t want to compromise with taste but believe me you can have your taste even with healthy food, just explore the options.

4. Read books will help us getting Happiness During Corona

Reading books can give you a lot of happiness and peace of mind. It diverts your mind from social media and other addicted technologies. As we know there is a lot of distractions are available nowadays in the form of various online platforms like social media, news, OTT and other media. So in the era of distractions books help a lot to achieve peace of mind and happiness

The more we read the more we know about different areas. Books are known to have a treasure of knowledge that can enhance the value of human being. It is also said a good friend by most of the philosopher. So feel the friendship of books, you will never regret having such a good friend.

It also enhances our various capacities like understanding, cognitive skill, language skill etc. The major benefit of the reading is you will feel happy and contented with life.

5. Listen to some music

Music can do wonders in our life. Music has healing power. It can heal certain medical conditions of the mind such as a migraine, anxiety, depression etc. It is rightly said that “ Music is my pain killer”. Music stimulates certain areas of the mind that increase some neural connectivity means we have a better number of neurons. More neuron provides us with a lot of new capacities which was unexplored earlier.

The human mind has tremendous capacity. We are still searching for the full capacity of mind. Our knowledge about the mind is limited. The music is present everywhere we just have to listen to it with mindfulness. It is also present inside our body. It is rightly said that listen to your heart if you really want to do something special. Our heart tells us the right thing in life most of the time.

So listen to your favourite music at least once a day for few minutes, it will create a positive state of mind and happiness in you. It will make your mind a better place for the germination of new ideas. We will be able to perform better in every aspect of life. Whenever confusion arises listen to your heart and you will know the right thing to do.

So keep listening inner and outer music for inspiration and motivation for life.

6. Do meditation for achieving Happiness during corona

Meditation has a lot of benefits. There are no ailments of the body that meditation can’t heal. Meditation has a tremendous effect on our whole body. It is scientifically proved that most of the illness of the body is the result of an unhappy and disturbed mind. In fact, most of the illness starts from the mind itself. So a healthy mind is necessary for a happy and peaceful life.

This will set your mind in the ultimate state of happiness and positivity. Meditation makes our mind in the state of peacefulness and we have better control of our body. All the functions of the body starts functioning in a better way. The quality of our thought process also revamped with the regular practice of meditation.

It may be difficult to meditate initially but by practice, you can do it effectively. So practice meditation daily. 

You can start with 5 minutes a day and gradually increase the time but do it regularly. Regular practice will increase your focus and meditation time.

7. Watch movies, shows etc

Apart from all the above factors, you can watch your favourite movies, shows and other programmes but remember don’t watch too much. It will give happiness too as entertainment is necessary for happiness. 

So do watch when you want to divert your mind from all the other things. It will send us in a different world of imagination specially if we see some Sci-fi movies. Movies are basically inspired from the real world except fiction movies. So it is a good source of learning about society and it’s characteristics.

Watch some inspirational movies or shows, it will also enhance your confidence and happiness level.

8. Be positive and count your blessings

In the present scenario, the positive state of mind is the most important factor for happiness and good health. As we know a positive attitude affects our mind and body, we must possess positivity. 

Apart from positivity, we must count our blessings. God has given us a lot but we ignore it often. We focus on the things that we don’t have. We hardly see the things that we have. It can lead to a happy and contented life that we already have. So start giving values to your possessions and be grateful to God.

In the last, We must believe in ourselves and in God. We will be victorious and come out as a winner. So don’t lose hope every night follows a beautiful day. This dark night will also end very soon and there will be happiness and prosperity in the whole world.

“You need to take pride in what God has given you.”~ Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Now

Keep smiling and be happy!!!

All the best.. 

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