How to be a Better Human being?

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How to be a better human being?

Humans are the superior species on the earth, unlike other species we have certain abilities. We live in a society where we have some relationships like family, friends etc. Every relationship has some expectations which we try to fulfil. But meeting those expectations at the cost of our happiness leads to some unhappy state of mind.

Every person has some unique quality. They are better at something and lacks something. We search continuously in search of happiness and better life.

All the material things and facilities can’t make us a better person. A better person has a certain set of qualities. But the question is how can we be a better person?

There are certain things that we can do for improvement. Some of them are as follows:-

1. Identify your strength and weakness

Most of us don’t know about our strengths and weaknesses, which means we don’t know who we are. So our first step is to identify these areas. Knowledge about our weakness gives us areas where we need to work for improvement. The strength also gives us confidence about certain areas where we can work in a better way.

The strength and weakness is part of human attributes. It takes some effort to identify those areas but once we know it we can do better in any field of life. So it is a good way to improve yourself as a whole.

2. Adopt kindness

Kindness is the divine virtue of humankind. It takes a lot of effort and practice to germinate the virtue of kindness in us. Kindness can be achieved with certain techniques. A kind person knows the value of human emotions and lives. He is ready to help others in need.

If we want to improve ourselves then we must have the virtue of kindness. It is like the soul of the human body. If anyone has a lot of human values and attributes except kindness then he is not complete.

It provides a sense of completeness of human character and attributes. Be kind to yourself and others. It is the best way to improve your quality as a whole.

3. Forgive everyone for Better Human being

“To err is human, forgiveness is divine”. It takes a lot of effort and strength to forgive someone. Forgiveness gives us a lot of satisfaction and peace of mind. We can live a happy and peaceful life if forgive everyone including ourselves. Forgiveness is the driving force of life that makes us free from guilt and remorse.

Forgiveness is such a powerful quality, we can’t expect weak people to practice it. It gives us the opportunity for a new beginning that has no backlogs. So we can start afresh and improve ourselves in a better way. 

4. Control your Anger

Anger is a kind of fire that destroys you first before anyone else. It has a very negative effect on our body and soul. Anger has the ability to destroy our whole life, so control it before it can do any harm to us and others. It also fades our happiness and peacefulness and makes us struggled for happiness. There are various techniques of controlling our Anger.

If we can control it we can improve ourselves in a better way. It is the toughest attribute to control. But once we control it we can improve our whole life in a better way. Those who have mastered the art of controlling their anger can do anything in life.

5. Be grateful and be Better Human being

Gratefulness is one of the best human attributes. It tells us about the values of life and other things. We tend to believe that the real value of life is money and other materialistic items, but life has a value beyond all these factors.

A grateful person knows the value of life’s various aspect such as relationships, family and friends. He also knows the value of other’s life and their other aspects. So a grateful person is always ready to help others. 

One of the best ways to develop gratefulness in us is to practice it the first thing every morning. We can start it just by counting our haves every morning and be thankful to God.

This simple act of gratefulness will enhance your overall personality. You will start feeling happy and peaceful. Also, the feeling of helping others will start in you. In this way, your overall improvement as a human being starts

6. Help others to be a Better Human being

Helping others is the noble work everyone should practice. It gives a lot of happiness and satisfaction when we help others. There are a lot of people who need our help, they are not so fortunate as we are. So helping them is not only an act of kindness but also a responsibility as a human being.

When we help others it should be unconditional and selfless. The practice of unconditional help improves our overall human values. Any expectations for help create a kind of unhappiness in our mind. It also damages the sanctity of noble work like helping others.

So be helpful and feel better as a human being. This virtue should be developed by all to remove unhappiness from the whole world. So help as per your capacity and ability.

7. Do Some Meditation

Meditation is the most important technique of controlling our body and mind. It can control almost every ailment of the body whether physical or mental. A lot of mental illness is cured with the help of meditation. It can improve our overall life.

A person who does meditation daily has better control of his emotions like happiness, sadness, anxiety and anger etc. It is the power of Meditation that can have a wonderful effect on our whole body and mind.

It can certainly make us a better person in life. So practice Meditation daily and see the wonderful effects on your body and mind.

8. Be Mindful for a Better Human being

It said that “ Be mindful even if your mind is full”. So the meaning of mindfulness involves the use of your maximum focus in your every work. It generates the feeling of using every second of your life. A mindful person uses every second of his life and enjoys it fully.

If he is eating his meal, he feels every part of his meal. How it is eaten and digested. He can feel it all through mindfulness. So a mindful person has a lot of awareness. 

It can be learnt with certain practices and techniques. Initially, it may be difficult to concentrate continuously on every part of your life. but after some practice, you can do it effortlessly.

So practice mindfulness to improve yourself. It is the most significant steps in achieving meditation. By mindfulness, we can enjoy our life with very few resources.

Our dependency on certain unnecessary things reduces with mindfulness. The less we are dependent on something the more happiness will come to us. It is the overuse of resources that creates a kind of unhappiness in our life.

9. Limit your digital uses

As we know we are using a lot of digital devices and various social media platform that engages us throughout the day and night. We waste a lot of time in these addictive technologies. More engagement brings a lot of mental problems to us like sleeplessness, headaches, spinal pain etc.

It also decreases our productivity and comprehension capacity. We are losing a lot of time and effort that could be utilized in the improvement of ourselves. These technologies are based on a certain algorithm that is addictive in nature, So we keep on using it for a longer period of time. 

In the era of the digital world, we are unable to do any “Deep Work”. It is the main reason behind the poor performances of our children in their academics and other areas of learning. They lose a lot of time in these technologies and unable to focus on what is necessary for their growth and life.

Therefore it is advisable to limit your digital use and work for your betterment. You have plenty of time to improve yourself just use it wisely.

10. Do self-talking regularly

It is the best way to understand your true self. All the great personalities have one thing in common i.e. self-talk. It gives us a lot of ideas for life and our improvement. We know our weakness, so a solution for improvement can be found with self-talk. At least we should talk 10 minutes daily to ourselves alone.

As we know a human being is the most intelligent creature on earth. So by self-talking, we can meet this super-intelligent person who lives in ourselves.

It should be our daily routine work to talk to ourselves. It increases our overall efficiency and confidence.

11. Do some personal care

Personal care is also an important part of our improvement. It includes exercise, better sleep, good food and some entertainment. These are the things that will increase our overall capacity and happiness. It works like a driving force for us to do the improvement for ourselves. Personal care makes us strong physically and mentally. If we feel strong and happy then only we can go for other works like helping others, meditation etc. So personal care can’t be ignored. We must do it regularly.

These are the well tested techniques and procedures for personal improvement. It will surely make you a better human being. So do it seriously and be a better human being.

All the best !!!

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