10 Inspiration Myths about Life: Busted

Inspiration Myths

Inspiration is the driving force of a happy and contented life but there are some Inspiration Myths. It provides us with a kind of positive energy that enhances our capacity and we do great in life. As human being, we have a lot of energy, but it is not utilised properly in the absence of inspiration.

Inspiration is present in every part of our life but it is not easy to find it. Sometimes we mistakenly understand something as inspiration but in reality, it’s not inspiration. So in the absence of knowledge about inspiration, we lose a lot of energy and time.

Therefore a proper understanding of inspiration is important to accomplish something in life, The clear idea about inspiration surely enhances our capacity and enthusiasm to work for our target in life. So let us find out various inspiration myths about life that can channelize our energy in the right direction.

Myth 1. Only Money can provide inspiration

Most people think money is a great source of inspiration in life. It gives us a lot of resources to work in the desired direction that can lead to success and happiness in life. Money can certainly provide some inspiration in life. It helps us to get various resources that are needed to work for a purpose. Money definitely plays an important role in getting inspiration but it is not all.

I have seen a lot of people who have a generous amount of money but they don’t have any inspiration in life. They don’t want to do anything new in life. In the lack of proper inspiration in life, they feel a lack of energy and enthusiasm that makes their life boring. So they always look for inspiration in life.

Money is just the resource and it provides some amount of inspiration but in order to get inspiration in true sense , we have to search for something else. We must have heard about various success stories of great people, most of them lived their life in poverty yet they succeed. It shows money is not the ultimate source of inspiration in life.

Therefore we must have clear idea about role of money in life and inspiration.

Myth 2. Waiting for the right time for Inspiration

It is the most common practice of all. We always look for that proper moment in life that creates a spark in our lives and provides inspiration. It is one of the ways of wasting your time and energy.

Waiting for the right time only gives you a habit of procrastination and you start doing things without inspiration. I know one of my friend who is very intelligent and did very good in college. But after some time I found he is doing a very low paying job. It is because he has a habit of procrastination and always waited for the right time for inspiration in life. So he hardly found any inspiration and didn’t perform well in later life.

Therefore waiting for the right time is the waste of time. Don’t do it instead do your work as per the situation in life. Once you achieve even a small part of your target, you will have a lot of inspiration. It will give you the right inspiration for life.

Myth 3. Inspiration depends on others

Inspiration from others can inspire us for a short period of time, but for real inspiration, we must generate it inside ourselves. So inspiration can work only when we start having inspiration from our own. The others can inspire you and motivate you but it is you that can generate inspiration.

Most people take a lot of inspiration from various sources but due to a lack of self-inspiration, they end up having no inspiration. Self-inspiration lasts long. It can change our life. It is the nature of the human mind that the things we do make us more confident.

All of us have different conditions of life. We face different situations in life. So we have a different source of inspiration in life. Therefore no two people can have a similar source of inspiration in life. So others can not provide you with proper inspiration that can last longer.

Myth 4. The positive state of mind is Inspiration

The positive state of mind is a kind of catalyst that enhances our capacity to do any work. It is very necessary to perform work successfully and achieve success in life. The positivity also gives us the right direction for channelizing our energy. However, the positive state of mind can not actually generate a true inspiration for life.

The positive state of mind is a starting point in achieving inspiration as positivity makes our mind and heart pure. When our mind and heart is pure we start thinking for the greater good of society. It triggers some inspiration in our mind.

Most of us have a positive state of mind but we don’t have any inspiration for life. For example, I have a friend who is very positive in his outlook towards life. He thinks positively all the time but he doesn’t get any inspiration for doing something for society.

Therefore it is possible that a person lacks inspiration for life in spite of having a positive attitude toward life. A positive state of mind is absolutely necessary for having inspiration in life but it can’t trigger inspiration.

Myth 5. Good Health Means good Inspiration

Good health is the real wealth of human being, but most of us don’t understand it. It is necessary to lead a happy and meaningful life. Good health is the combination of physical and mental health. A healthy body contains a healthy mind.

Although good health provides us with a lot of happiness and peace of mind it doesn’t provide any inspiration. I have seen a lot of people who are very healthy but don’t have any inspiration in life. They actually don’t understand how to get inspiration for life.

On the other hand, one of my friend who is not so healthy has a lot of inspiration. He does a lot of charity work and other life-changing activities for others. When I asked him about his motivation for all these works he said it is the inspiration for doing something for society. He has this inspiration in spite of having not so good health. In fact, he lost some health due to this inspiration.

Therefore good health means good inspiration is not true always. It may be true in some cases where a true inspiration emerges out of good health like a fitness trainer or a gymnast.

Myth 6. Mental Pressure is required for Inspiration

Mental pressure is necessary up to a certain extent but above a limit, it is not good for health. In today’s busy life mental pressure has increased significantly in our life. It can give us some temporary result but a true inspiration for life is beyond the reach of mental pressure.

Real inspiration comes from inside our heart and soul. It is free from any mental pressure. We can generate any inspiration out of mental pressure. Most of the people with no inspiration will have one thing in common and that is mental pressure. The real capacity of ourselves reduces or destroyed because of mental pressure.

Therefore to achieve any inspiration stop pressurizing yourself and try some meditation to soothe your mind, A calm mind is a great source of inspiration.

Myth 7. Inspiration is well planned

Planning is necessary for the proper implementation of any work in order to achieve success in life. It provides us with a definite direction where we have to focus our entire energy. Although it is a necessary part of our life it hardly generates any inspiration in our life.

Inspiration is something pure and unplanned activity that generates freely i.e. without any constraint and condition. Those who think they can get inspiration just by planning things get a fake inspiration that lasts few days only. Real inspiration lasts for a very long time.

We have seen most of the people who gets inspiration for losing weight with exercise in a planned way and thinks they have the inspiration. But after some time they lose interest in any physical activity. They lose inspiration very fast as it was a fake inspiration. Real inspiration is generated automatically it doesn’t require any planning.

Myth 8. More effort means more inspiration

As we know effort is necessary for any work in our life. Everything we do requires some effort in the right direction. The importance of effort can’t be ignored. It is the necessary tool for achieving success in life.

But to generate inspiration an inner source is required as inspiration is effortless. It generates from within and without any effort. Real inspiration doesn’t need any effort and external force. So more effort generates more inspiration is a myth.

I have seen many people who do a lot of effort in a particular direction but they don’t have any inspiration in life. To generate your internal energy and peace of mind that will surely help you generate inspiration.

Myth 9. Intelligent people have more Inspiration

Intelligent people do very well in most of their life goals. They grasp things in a better and in quick way than others. But inspiration is something beyond intelligence. It is often seen that intelligent people have less inspiration than average people.

Intelligent people have certain expectations from life and they work tirelessly to achieve that target. In achieving that target, they overlook several other life factors that degrade their level of inspiration for life.

So it is more likely that intelligent people find it hard to have any inspiration for life.

Myth 10. Hard Work is necessary for Inspiration

Hard work is the key to success in any field of life. It is a vital part of our journey to success. Those who believe in hard work achieve their target in life. But again it can not generate a meaningful and true inspiration for life.

True inspiration comes from an inner understanding of ourselves that is independent of hard work. Hard work can definitely give us a lot of experience about life and its various aspects but can’t generate true inspiration for life.

Therefore these factors should be kept in mind while talking about inspiration for life. Inspiration for life is necessary for peace of mind. It provides our life a meaning and a reason what is the real meaning of our life.

So inspire yourself by inner peacefulness and your understanding about yourselves.

All the best!!!.


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