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Most of us do a lot of mistakes in our life, but God has always forgiven us. So if a person forgives others he acted like God. But sometimes it is very difficult to forgive others due to some circumstances. It is because of a lack of understanding about forgiveness and its virtues. We don’t know its effect on ourselves and others. So we tend to ignore this beautiful virtue of God.

Due to the lack of this divine virtue, we suffer a lot in our life. We live in grudges and feelings of hatred and jealousy that make our lives very tough and unhappy.

Forgiveness on the other hand makes us happy and peaceful. It generates a sense of positive energy in us that drive our mind to attain more capability.

Forgiveness is the best virtue of a human being that makes everyone happy and peaceful. It not only affects others but also has an effect on us.

There are certain facts about forgiveness that is hardly noticed by most of us. These facts can make our life easier and happier and provide us peace of mind. They are as follows:-

1. Forgiveness changes lives

In today’s busy life everyone is so busy that they forgot most of the important part of life. We don’t think of any improvement in us and complain about others faults most of the time. Most of our actions include various excuses and procrastination. We are lacking empathy nowadays due to severe work stress. So we have stopped looking around to help others.

Forgiveness makes our life beautiful and peaceful. When we don’t forgive someone a kind of mental pressure exists in us that affects our life. But the moment we forgive a kind of mental relief emerged from our mind that makes us happy and peaceful.

Forgiveness can change our whole life because most of the time we find it difficult to cope up with certain conditions of life. But forgiveness makes it very easy to handle any situation of life. So never ignore the value of forgiveness it certainly changes our life.

2. Forgive yourself first

The most important part of forgiveness is to forgive ourselves as sometimes we don’t forgive ourselves due to some reason. But to change our life we must forgive ourselves first. So that we can develop forgiveness as a habit and can have maximum benefits out of it.

In the present situation, life has become very difficult due to certain modern constraint on our life like job pressure, family and other responsibilities. So in such conditions, it is possible to make some mistakes in life. But sometimes we don’t forget the mistakes made by us and don’t forgive us. It creates a lot of restlessness in our life and makes us unhappy. So in such a condition we hardly forgive others.

Therefore we must understand the fact that anyone can make mistakes in life and we are no exception. So we must forgive ourselves and move on to life.

3. Forgiveness is your own business, not others

When someone does some wrong to us and we think to forgive him. We do a favour to ourselves rather than others as forgiveness provides peace to ourselves, not others. Most of us think that if we forgive someone we will be looser. But it is absolutely wrong as the real beneficiary will be us not others. So don’t take time to forgive others.

Forgiveness will clear the clutter of our thoughts and we will be able to do our work effectively. It is the best way to achieve happiness and peace of mind. The sooner you forgive the sooner you feel better.

If we read biographies of the greatest persons of the world. We see they are very quick to forgive others as it provided them mental peace that enhanced their capabilities and made them a great person in the world.

4. Forgiveness means you are strong, not weak

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”~ Mahatma Gandhi, All Men are Brothers: Autobiographical Reflections

Most of us think that the person who forgives someone is week and coward but it is not true. In fact, it takes a lot of courage to forgive someone. When we forgive someone our ego comes in the way. So we have to conquer our ego then we forgive someone. The person who defeated his ego can’t be weak or coward.

Therefore for forgiving someone you have to be strong and determined after all you are the real beneficiary of it. If we really want to practice forgiveness in our life then we must erase this confusion about it. We are actually strong enough to practice it.

This will make you strong and determined in your life once have this knowledge about forgiveness. So forgive everyone and be stronger day by day.

5. Forgiveness improves health conditions

When we face any bad situation that we think it shouldn’t have happened. We think it continuously and engage most of our energy and time that affects our mental and physical health. This kind of situation creates a lot of tension in our mind that creates a plethora of diseases in our body and mind.

As per a study, most of the illness starts with our negative thoughts and bad mental state. Therefore it is necessary to make our mind and thoughts healthy and happy.

So in order to achieve peace of mind, we must practice forgiveness. Start forgiving yourself first then move to others, You will feel very good and happy with great peace of mind.

This happy and peaceful state will improve your well being and you will be super healthy in no time. Just practice the act of forgiveness you will see the result very soon.

6. It’s a belief that something bad happened that shouldn’t have happened.

Sometimes something unwanted happens that we think shouldn’t have happened. We continuously think about it how this could have been avoided. In our mind, we continuously create a scene and try to avoid it.

So if we understand the situation and think that shouldn’t have happened, show our maturity level. This is the most crucial knowledge about any situation of life. Most of us unable to understand it which makes us more restrained to forgiveness.

Therefore the knowledge is necessary for starting forgiveness.

7. Develop a forgiving mindset 

In our life, we face different situations some may be bad some may be pleasant. When the situation is bad we tend to move towards stress and another bad state of mind. In this situation, it might not be possible for most of us to have a forgiving mindset.

The bad situations try to overpower us in every possible way and make us stressed and unhappy. It also makes our thinking capacity worse and makes our mind idle. We may feel a lack of energy and enthusiasm because of bad situations.

Therefore to overcome this situation we must develop a forgiving mindset. It may be difficult to develop this mindset initially but with practice, we can have it. First, start with yourself and forgive it unconditionally then go for others and forgive them without any expectation.

When we do something with expectation and couldn’t meet the desired result, it creates a kind of unhappiness in life. So never expect anything in return while performing forgiveness. This will definitely develop a forgiving mindset that will be very beneficial to us.

8. It improves your relationships

Forgiveness plays an important role in a sustainable relationship. We have several relationships in our life and there may be some issues associated with each relation. These issues can lead to some unavoidable conditions if we didn’t resolve them in a timely manner. It has been seen a small issue between couples have ended their relationship.

Almost all of us have some or other issues with our families and friends that affects our daily life. All these problems can be resolved if we start forgiving them. Actually, most of the relationships broke due to a lack of understanding and forgiveness. If we have a forgiving mindset there will be hardly any broken relationship.

Therefore try to forgive your relatives and friends unconditionally that will definitely improve your relationship.

9. It controls anger in a better way

Most of us are aware that anger makes a lot of damage to our mind and body. In today’s world, it is necessary to control our anger in a better way to live a happy and peaceful life. Anger damages almost everything in our life from happiness to relations and other vital parts of our life. Therefore it must be controlled as early as possible.

So to control it, we must have a forgiving mindset. Forgiveness makes our anger in control or ends it completely. Actually, anger emerges when situations don’t meet our expectations. In that case, we find it very difficult to forgive.

But it has been proved by some studies that if we forgive all then we will have fewer anger issues. Anger can not reside in a peaceful mind and heart. Forgiveness makes our mind and hearts peaceful and happy. Therefore don’t ignore the value of forgiveness if you want to control anger-related issues.

10. Forgiveness is the best way to achieve happiness

To attain happiness is the main purpose of our life. We work day and night just to feel happy. But nowadays it is very difficult to attain happiness due to various factors like job pressure, bad relationships etc. Expectation from others and himself are also a factor of lacking happiness from our life.

Therefore to achieve happiness in our life we must adopt the practice of forgiveness. It will make your mind happy and peaceful. Forgiveness generates positivity in us that strengthens our relationships. It also makes our mind avoid expectations that generate happiness in our life.

Therefore forgiveness is the best way to achieve happiness in our life. We will create a kind of positive energy in the environment that will benefit all and there will happiness everywhere. So do it and achieve happiness in life.

So all these factors about forgiveness will certainly make your life full of happiness and satisfaction. We will achieve all the target of our life. Believe me and practice it and you will thank me later.

All the best!!!


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