Mental Health Awareness, Importance And How To Improve It?

Mental Health

Mental Health is a very vague concept. Often most people think the deterioration of it is a mental disorder. But it is a myth. Actually, Mental Health comprises a person’s emotional, psychological and social well-being. Mental Health affects your thinking process, your stress-handling capacity and making choices in life.

This field of Mental Health is least explored to date, as very few research are available on this. Most people have avoided it due to their vague understanding of it. Only a few are aware of the concept of Mental Health.

Therefore, good Mental Health provides a better life. You can enjoy each moment of your life with good Mental Health. It also makes you a stable person. You will take good decisions in life. Also, it will make you capable of making better choices.

So, how does Mental Health deteriorate and what are the ways to maintain good Mental Health?

Factors Contributing to Mental Health Issues

There may be several factors that may cause mental issues in your life. Some of the tested and verified by good organisations are as follows:-

  • Life experiences, such as trauma or some kind of mental or physical abuse.
  • Some biological factors like genes, brain functioning etc.
  • Family history of mental health issues

These are the main factors that cause Mental Health issues. It may happen to anyone. But there are several signs that you can see before any Mental Health issues. Your body has a way of giving you alerts for such issues. Some of the well-known signs are as follows:-

  • Too much eating or sleeping
  • Having low or no energy
  • Feeling helpless and hopeless
  • Yelling or fighting with friends or family members
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Inability to perform daily routine work
  • Unable to think clearly
  • Losing interest in everything
  • Unable to concentrate

Therefore if you see any of the above signs then it’s high time to take care of your Mental Health. So never ignore these signs. Whenever these signs emerge do one thing, “Believe in yourself” that you can get through it. You are the winner by birth, you have been winning all over your life. So you will win this battle also.

Always try to acquire a positive state of mind, as it will make you more strong and more capable towards Mental Health issues. A person with a positive mindset has the following attributes:-

  • He realises his full potential and capacity
  • He is able to handle the stress of life in a better way.
  • His productivity increases manifold.
  • He can contribute something good to society and country
  • He can take of his family in a better manner.
  • His work efficiency increases and he does good in his professional life

There are several ways you can maintain good Mental Health. Some of them are as follows:-

1. Connecting With Others

In the era of modernity, most of us don’t have the time and intention to connect to others. This not only made you lonely but created some Mental Health issues also. But it’s difficult in the present scenario for most of you to connect to others because of undue pressure and the stress of work and life.

Therefore, it is a challenging task to have a good friend circle. But for having good Mental Health you must have some good friends. It will make your life meaningful and at the same improves your Mental Health also.

2. Be Positive

A positive state of mind is like a catalyst that energizes your ability to excel in your life and helps in achieving the goal of your life. You can examine the life of any successful people and there will be one thing common among all i.e. “positivity” in their life.

Therefore never fail to have a positive state of mind. But the question is how to achieve it. Well, there are several ways to have a positive state of mind. The most common is to read and listen to positive books and music. It is the most simple technique to achieve a positive state of mind.

3. Helping Others

Most people are becoming selfish and self-centric nowadays. They don’t believe in helping others. In fact, they don’t help others out of jealousy and competitiveness. All the morality of life is getting degraded day by day.

Only a few believe in helping others and they do it with happiness. Society is advancing due to modernity but lacking in the morality of life. All the moral science that we studied in our childhood. We forgot all and live our life as if we never studied or heard about any of them

But, believe me, if you want to improve your Mental Health then go and help others without expecting anything in return. It will not only give you satisfaction but also a feeling of eternal happiness. And your Mental Health will be at the highest level of improvement.

4. Getting Enough Sleep

After the intervention of smartphones in our lives, most of us started sleeping less as compared to the pre-smartphone era. It has a lot of distractions that made our life prone to relaxation deficiency.

In your daily life, you waste a lot of time daily and you cut your sleep time. And if you do it for a long time then it creates some Mental Health issues. As suggested by experts proper and sufficient sleep is necessary for good Mental Health. Therefore never ignore the significance of good sleep. Stop using smartphones unnecessarily and focus on having sufficient sleep.

5. Be Physically Active

Almost all of you have deteriorated your health due to a busy and sedentary lifestyle. This busy life has not only degraded your health but Mental Health also due to a lot of stress. There is no motivation left in us for paying attention to our bodies.

Therefore, in order to have good Mental Health, you need to focus on having a physically active lifestyle. For that follow a regular exercise schedule and a good diet. You may be surprised to know that in a physically healthy lifestyle 80% contribution is because of a good diet and the rest 20% is due to exercise.

So if you are having a good diet and exercise schedule then your Mental Health will be good.

6. Develop Managing Skills

I have seen most people who have all the resources in life but due to lack of managing skills, they have a lot of stress and tension in life. That leads an improper Mental Health.

So it is better to learn some managerial skills. At least the basics of management can make you capable of handling various situations of life that will improve your overall Mental Health.

7. Get Professional Help if Needed

If all the above-mentioned techniques are not giving you any results then you must seek help from some expert. Only an expert knows how to handle such conditions and what is good for you to attain good Mental Health.

Therefore, in order to acquire good Mental Health you have to work continuously and take of yourself. If you follow the above-mentioned techniques then you can have good Mental Health.

Also, I know you will have good Mental Health in spite of all the difficulties of your life as you are a born winner. So don’t underestimate yourself, you can do anything in this world. So I wish you good Mental Health.

All the best!!!

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