Motivation For Life: Important Points

motivation for life

Imagine you have all the resources and luxuries of life. You can do anything out of these resources but still, you lack the motivation to do anything. It shows you lack Motivation For Life. So the question is what is the motivation for life? Why it is needed? and how can you get it? But one thing is sure we all need some motivation for life to have a good and happy life.

So let’s define motivation for life.

Motivation is basically a driving force of life that makes you energetic and capable to achieve something in your life. It makes you man in action which means, you start taking various actions required for achieving your goal. We all know in the absence of actions all the plans are nothing but a waste of time. So it enhances the importance of motivation for life.

Everyone can achieve anything in life with the right motivation. So it shows the importance of having motivation in your life. Also, it makes your life’s journey a success and meaningful.

So the next important question is how to get motivation for life?

Motivation is like a skill that you can develop or achieve with a certain set of actions. But the most important is you have to believe it as a skill rather than a natural phenomenon of life. So if you think it is a skill then you can acquire it with some techniques.

There are basically two ways you can acquire motivation for life. They are

  1. Internal motivation
  2. External motivation

1. Internal Motivation

It is a technique that you can use to motivate yourself with a sense of internal belief. Your inner voice and consciousness are necessary to motivate yourself from the inside. It is a very powerful and effective motivation.

“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”~ Roy T. Bennett

Internal motivation is necessary to achieve anything in life. It is the basis of motivation for life. It is based on the belief system of your mind. There are several ways you can develop your internal motivation for life. Some of them are as follows:

Remember you are a winner by birth

It is proven scientifically that everyone is born as a result of winning the race by human sperms. So from the very moment of your existence, you are a winner. It shows how capable you are and winning is present in every cell of your body. So don’t think of yourself as a normal creature but a winner by birth.

It will definitely enhance your motivation level and makes you feel good and confident. Only with this motivation, you can achieve anything in life. Once you believe this universal truth, you will feel a lot of energy flowing through your body. This energy increases your motivation level.

Scan your entire life

Life itself is the result of success. Remember how you developed from a single cell to a well-developed body structure. You have achieved a lot of success in your entire life and through that, you developed a lot.

So please scan and analyze your entire life. You will find a lot of internal motivation for life. And with that motivation, you can achieve anything in your life.

Develop a will power

The journey of success starts with your willpower. It is like a foundation stone of every success and motivation for life. If you are not willing to achieve something in life, you won’t be able to achieve anything.

“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.”~ Roy T. Bennett,

All your plans and goal settings will not achieve anything in the absence of willpower. So it should be your first thought in the journey of achieving anything in life even the motivation for life.

Self-Belief for motivation

Self-Belief is the seed that grows into a large tree of success in life. So you must believe in yourself that you are going to achieve all the successes in life. It is like the soul of life. Without self-belief, you can not live a happy and successful life.

Therefore if you believe it you can have all the motivation of the world. Some very powerful quote about self-belief says

” Whether you think you can – or think you can’t- you are right! ~ Henry Ford.

“If you think you can then you can.”~ Stephen Richards

So don’t underestimate the power of self-belief, you can achieve anything in life with it. Just believe and achieve.

External Motivation

It is the secondary method of acquiring motivation for life. External motivation is like a first step in acquiring the motivation for life. After that internal motivation comes into the picture.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” ~ Confucius

In fact, every motivation starts with external factors and is ultimately completed through internal motivation. You must know about something that motivates you starts with some external factors. After that, you developed an internal motivation for achieving that thing.

There are several ways you can achieve motivation for life through external means. Some of them are as follows:

Reading books of successful and great people

Reading books are one of the best ways to acquire knowledge and wisdom in life. In reading you directly talk to the author in a certain way. You learn their wisdom and mistakes.

In a very short period of time, you can get a lot of knowledge and wisdom of successful and great people through reading. There are biographies of great personalities of their time. You can learn and motivate yourself in a better way. A correlation may work with your scenario to that of those great people.

And once you get the motivation and wisdom you can go your way of success.

Count your blessings

In this world, very few have all the resources of life. A major portion of the people lacks basic resources like food, clothes and shelter. So you must count the blessings that most people only aspire to have in their lives.

It is a great source of motivation for life. So always look for the positive side of your life, you have all the resources for getting success. There is a lot of motivation in having the basic resources in a world of have nots. So be thankful to God for your good circumstances and work for your life.

Take Motivation from nature

Nature is a great source of motivation for life. Every part of nature has something to teach you and motivate you. Just look at it carefully and you will get all your motivation for life.

For instance, you see a regular rising of the sun without fail. It shows you have to work regularly in order to get success in life. Also if you see the mountain they face every climatic condition firmly. So by the mountain, you can learn to stand and face every condition of life with full confidence and firm belief that you are going to succeed.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”
Wayne W. Dyer

Also, motivation for life varies from person to person. If I get my motivation from internal reasons like self-beliefs, willpower etc. It is not necessary that you find it the same way. You may get it from external sources.


One thing is sure that with the right motivation for life, you can achieve anything in life. So just find your motivation and get all the successes of life. You deserve to have a successful life and you will have it. Just follow your heart and motivation. Believe me, you are going to achieve your goal and happiness of life.

All the best !!!


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