Good Life: Meaning and significance in the life

Good life

Have you ever thought of having a Good Life for yourself and your loved ones? Everyone wants to have a Good Life. But very few of them achieves it in the true sense. The reason behind it they misunderstood the meaning of a Good Life.

In society, the meaning of a Good Life varies from person to person and place to place. For example in the elite society, the meaning of a Good Life may be a good family and relationships. On the other hand in the lower class society, it will be money and resources.

Similarly, it also depends on different places and their cultures. So it is clear that the meaning of a Good Life may vary in different places and societies.


If you talk about most of the population, you will find the meaning of a Good Life includes luxuries and resources of life.

Good life

Different Stages of life has different meaning of a Good Life

As per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the bottom level contains the basic needs that go up to self-actualization. Maslow’s theory explains how our meaning towards Good Life changes from one stage to other.

Also, the different stages of life show the different meanings of a Good Life. For example, when you are a child your definition of a Good Life is limited to basic physical needs like food and caring. But at later stages of life, it changes from basic needs and maybe like freedom.

Good Life varies at different socio-economic conditions

As you know there are different socio-economic conditions that exist in society. The definition of a Good Life also varies at different socio-economic conditions.

For Marginalised section, the meaning of Good Life is like having basic needs like food, clothes and shelter. They are in lack all these things throughout their life. And they believe that if they have all these things for their basic needs, they will have a Good Life.

On the other hand, the elite class have all the luxuries of life but may not have a good family life due to several constraints like lack of time etc. So they may believe that a Good Life means having a good family and spending time with loved ones.

Therefore the same Good Life has a different meaning at the different strata of society. But one thing is sure it gives a kind of pleasure and satisfaction to all of us.

Everyone is looking for Good Life

In this world, every person works day and night for acquiring a Good Life for their family and themselves. Of course, the meaning of Good Life may be different for them but the purpose is the same.

But, very few of them are able to acquire it as per their definition of a Good Life because either they have a vague knowledge of a Good Life or they find themselves unable to acquire it.

Most of them think having luxuries only they can have all the things for living a Good Life but they fail to achieve that conditions. But having acquired all the luxuries they think something misses from their life. And that is peace of mind and happiness.

So the most significant part of a Good Life is to have happiness, peace of mind and satisfaction. However, your basic physical needs should be fulfilled first.

So the question arises how to achieve a Good Life? Let’s find out. There are several factors that contribute to acquiring a Good Life. They are as follows:

Acquire basic needs for Good Life

It is the first step in having a Good Life as no one can concentrate on anything without having basic needs. After having basic needs anyone can think of attaining more in life. There is a famous saying ” first have your food than do other things later”. It means acquiring basic needs first and thinking of doing other things later.

Live in the present

Most people have all the resources but not living a Good Life because of thinking over and over about the past. They feel sad and frustrated about the mistakes done in the past. It is the main reason for their unhappiness and dissatisfied life.

They must understand that they can not change the past. So they must live in the present and look forward to their actions and plans. Attachment with the past will decrease their chances of getting success in life and so the Good Life.

Forgive yourself and others is key point for a Good Life

There is a famous saying ” To err is human and forgiveness is the attribute of divine”. So forgive everyone including yourself. It is very common that most people find it hard to forgive themselves and others.

It creates a lot of unhappiness and disturbances in your life. You won’t be able to concentrate on the necessary things in life. And you feel sad and unhappy. So the only solution is to forgive everyone. It is key a point to have a Good Life.

Be kind to others

Kindness is the attribute of great people. It gives you tremendous happiness and peace of mind. And you know the peace of mind is the most important thing in attaining a Good Life.

In the world, everyone has their own set of problems. So you must feel their problems and show some kindness to them. It will make them happy also. As you know if do good to others, good will come back to you.

Be helpful to others

The world is run by the collective effort of people. A single person can run things, he needs some people for that. So here arises the idea of help in our life. You must help others in need.

Try to develop the nature of helpfulness. It will give you a good feeling and a lot of happiness. This will definitely contribute to your life to have a Good Life.

Do Meditations

Meditation makes your mind in control. You start making good decisions in your life. All the affairs of life start working in the right manner. It is a good way to attain a Good Life.

Meditation also provides you peace of mind and happiness in life. You start feeling fantastic and become very productive in life. So it increases your chances of having a Good Life.


Physical fitness is a significant part of your life. If you are physically fit then only you can have a Good Life, as all the things in life can only satisfy you if you have good physical health.

Therefore good physical health is necessary to have a Good Life.


Reading gives you an understanding of the world and its various aspects. It makes you knowledgeable and ready to face the challenges of life with a good state of mind.

The more you read the more you become a peaceful and happy person. Reading has some health benefits also such as increased cognitive ability, good mental health etc. So reading plays an important role in attaining a Good Life.

Healthy diet

What we eat we become. It is a fact, so eat a healthy diet. Remember a healthy diet keeps your mind and body a healthy place for thoughts and vision. It is necessary for achieving any success in life and so the Good Life.

But in the present scenario of a fast lifestyle, most have ignored the values of having a healthy diet. And depending on the fast and processed food which is unhealthy. So spare some time and take a healthy and natural diet. It is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle and a Good Life.

Motivate yourself for growth and success in life

Motivation is necessary to have a Good Life as you will have a good reason to work for your dreams. Anyone can achieve anything in life with the right motivation in life.

So the best way is to motivate yourself for growth and success in life. It will automatically lead you to a Good Life.

Therefore the idea of having a Good Life contains several factors as mentioned above. So it is your sole responsibility to attain a Good Life. After all, our ultimate goal in life is to attain happiness and a Good Life. So just focus on the things mentioned and get a Good Life.

All the best !!!


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