How to feel better if you are alone?


First of all, being ALONE is not a disease but an opportunity to learn a lot from life and the world. It doesn’t mean lonely life. it is rightly said that ” Great Minds Think Alone”. Being alone increases our capacity to think clearer and effectively. It means in the absence of any distractions we can do our work in a better way. We should not feel bad for being alone rather it’s a matter of rejoicing.

There are several ways we can do wonders while being alone. I have listed some of the ways that can be useful if you are alone. They are as follows:

1. Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely

If you are alone it doesn’t mean you are alone in this world. We have endless options nowadays that can be used to suppress this feeling. We have several social media, dating apps where we can find a lot of friends. Although I don’t believe much in social media friends, this could provide us with some friends.

I know one of my friend who lives alone and enjoys life very much. He uses a lot of things in his life to enjoy it fully. When I talked to him about how to enjoy while living alone. He told me something I’d like to share here. My friend lives freely without any restriction to his mind and body. He does what he likes, eat what he likes to eat without thinking about calories etc.

His mantra for a happy life is to try to be happy in every situation. Whenever he finds himself alone he calls me and other friends and does a lot of chat and he feels better. So never ever think you are alone in this world. You can always be happy just to find the right way.

2. Explore new things

The best way to utilize your capacity is to explore new things in life. As time passes we start feeling bored and lack energy that is very bad for a person who lives alone. It can create certain psychological problems in life. So to avoid such a situation we must look for some new things in life.

New things generate a kind of interest in life and rejuvenate us with some motivation. It is very necessary for combating the boredom of life. When we have new things we start thinking in a different direction and explore new skills.

It works like a magic wand to get happiness if we live alone and feels like someone accompanied us with the new things in our life. We start using our extra time in the extra activity that we explored and that provides us with a lot of happiness and satisfaction in life.

3. Do some meditation

Meditation is the best mental exercise that we can do living alone as it requires a lot of peaceful and uninterrupted environment for practice. It is the best way for self-improvement. Meditation is is the control of the mind and emotions that can make us happy and peaceful in life.

When we live alone our mind wanders everywhere and becomes restless. It is the meditation that can avoid the situation of restlessness and makes our mind concentrated at one point.

I know one of my friend who lives alone has a lot of issues like personal and professional. But with the help of meditation, he conquered all of his personal problems. Now he is very happy and has a positive attitude towards life.

So this is the power of meditation. It enhances your capacity and explores new abilities that can do wonderful things in our life, therefore don’t ignore the value of meditation. We must do it regularly in order to get maximum benefits.

4. Follow an exercise schedule

A healthy body contains a healthy mind. The importance of the body is realized when we got sick and unable to do our daily routine work. When someone is living alone his health condition must be good otherwise he will feel very bad that can affect his mental capacity also. In the absence of others, and the alone person may feel depressed and tense.

Therefore living a healthy life is very necessary and required for a happy life. For this, we have to follow some exercise schedule on the daily basis. Exercise should be our part of life. We should not think of it as work rather it should be in our daily routine.

To achieve that kind of comfort in exercise we must do it continuously for at least 21 days. It is said by the experts that a new habit can be formed in 21 days. Once new habit forms, it lasts forever.

Therefore follow an exercise schedule in order to get a healthy body and mind. It will definitely increase the happiness level in yourself.

5. Focus on Self-Improvement

Self-Improvement is a lifelong process. We can’t say at any point in time that we have learnt all aspects of life. There is always some scope of learning at any point in time.

Those who are living alone has a lot of time to improve themselves. They can follow their passion for life and can work on them for improvement. It will give him a lot of satisfaction and peace of mind.

The most important factor in self-improvement is to stay positive and avoid negative emotion and thinking from your life. Negativity decreases our capacity to improve. So always try to be positive in life as it enhances our capacity to improve and flourish in life.

6. Listen to some music

Music is the best remedy for a disturbed and conflicting mind. It provides us peace of mind and makes us relaxed and happy. Those who live alone feel lonely and disturbed at some point of time in their life. So in that situation music can do wonders and makes them peaceful and happy.

As per a study music can heal certain headaches also, even some mental problems are also cured by music. Music generates some additional neural paths in our brain that enhances our brain capacity. It also generates some kind of happiness hormones in our body that makes us happy.

Therefore never neglect to listen to your favourite music. Listen to music at least once a day and you will feel the difference. It is a good way to deal with loneliness and be happy.

7. Read some books

It is one of the best ways to deal with loneliness in your life. Books are like a friend, we get a lot from books. It is the source of knowledge and inspiration. Reading has a lot of benefits in our life. It provides control over the mind, peace of mind and emotions.

Reading has some health related benefits also like control of depression and anxiety, A person can gain some meaningful lessons of life from reading.

Those who live alone can utilize their free time in reading good books that will certainly improve their lives and bring happiness to life. There are certainly good books that can actually feel you happy and contented in your life.

8. Do some Entertainment 

Entertainment is necessary for life. It refreshes our mood and brings back our energy level. There are various sources of entertainment that varies from person to person.

A person who lives alone needs some kind of entertainment in life to avoid boredom and lack of energy and enthusiasm in life. He can use various sources from his choice and taste.

But there is a word of caution. We must not overuse entertainment as it can kill our quality time that could have been used for self-improvement. So avoid excessive use of entertainment.

9. Limit your social media use

The use of social media has increased in our life due to the mobile revolution and cheaper data. It has a lot of benefits like connectivity from friends and family, We can have any source of information online. Actually, it has almost all the information on the internet.

But it is very addictive in nature, There are various apps that have been designed in such a way that it can kill a lot of time without even make us realized it. So try to limit your social media use.

If we really want to do some important and urgent work, we must limit our digital use. It wastes a lot of time and energy and makes our mind lack peace. The excess use can create a kind of phobia in us where we always try to look into our mobile for some notifications.

Therefore we must limit our digital use. We can save a lot time and resources and can utilize it for self-help.

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10. Talk to your friends

Good friends are a kind of treasure of life that very few of us have. So try to have a good friend in your life, Believe me, you can handle any situation in life with a good friend. If you are feeling alone always talk to your friend you will feel better and happy.

In my opinion, friends are more important than most of our relatives. They make us feel happy and joyful. We can spend some quality time with our friends to combat the loneliness problem of our life,

But nowadays it is very difficult to have a good friend, still, try to have one. If we can’t meet our friend then at least talk to them over the phone and you will feel fantastic.

Therefore if you live alone there are a number of things that you can do and feel happy and joyful in your life. It will energize you and will make you happy and peaceful. So follow these steps and you will see the difference in your life.



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