11 Ways to Truly Revamp Your Happiness


Happiness is a state of mind that gives us a lot of satisfaction and peace of mind. It is very easy to attain but very few of us are able to get it. The reason behind this is unknown to most of us. We don’t have an understanding of it and how to achieve it.

Most of us think a good job, money and materialistic items constitute happiness for life but once they achieve all of it, they realized it is not real happiness. Something is missing from life after all of these achievements.

Real happiness is something beyond the clutches of materialistic items. Materialistic items can give us comfort but not happiness. I know many people who have all the wealth and comfort of life but are not happy. They constantly looking for peace of mind and happiness.

So true happiness is not something that we can purchase from somewhere. It is the feeling that gives us satisfaction and peace of mind. There are several ways we can achieve true happiness in our life. I have collected some well-tested techniques that will surely give us true happiness in life. They are as follows:

1. Focus on health for Happiness

It is rightly said by our elders that ” Health is the real Wealth”. We never realize this until we got sick and learn the importance of good health. All the money and luxuries can’t give us happiness if we are ill. We can’t enjoy anything in life with bad health.

Therefore it increases the value of our health in life. We must follow a healthy lifestyle to make ourselves healthy. It includes healthy diets and exercise schedules etc. We should not compromise with health at any cost. It is our responsibility and necessity to have good health.

We can do anything with good health. It gives us energy and enthusiasm for life that is necessary for happiness and peace of mind. Good health is the backbone of true happiness in life. So we must have this backbone strong enough to withhold all the strain of life problems.

2. Good Relationship is the Key to Happiness

It is the most important factor of life because it gives us a good mental health and peace of mind. Good relationship with family gives us a mental stability that is very necessary for having happiness in our life. So after having a good physical health it is the most important factor for achieving true happiness in life.

One of my friend who is fitness trainer having very good physical health. But he doesn’t feel happiness due his bad relationship with his wife. He always feels sad and tense. So he never able to enjoy anything in life.

Therefore mental health is necessary for having happiness in our life. So always find ways to practice good relationship with your partner. It will give you peace of mind and true happiness in life.

3. Follow Simple Lifestyle

Real happiness lies in the shadow of simplicity. If we live simple life our mind and body feel better and relaxed. However, to live a simple life in today’s scenario is very difficult. We have many materialistic items around us that make us dependable on them. Our life seems practically impossible without them.

We have several gadgets like mobile, TV, Computer, Internet etc. without which it may seem survival will be difficult. But with certain control of mind, we can limit the use of these gadgets.

The less we use materialistic items the more we feel better. Simplicity doesn’t mean avoid all things and live a life of an ascetic. It means less dependency on physical items. For example, we can read the newspaper instead of TV and mobile and things like that.

Less dependency on physical items provides some free time for our mind to think freely and effectively. It will enhance our mind’s capacity and make it peaceful and happy. With the help of a simple lifestyle, we can definitely find true happiness.

4. Do Some Meditations for Real Happiness of Life

Real happiness is something very few of us can understand. It is beyond the physical and materialistic life. To achieve such life standard we can follow some meditation techniques. Meditation provides a great concentration and peace of mind that is the main feature of getting a happy and contented life.

It is the meditation that enhances our mental capacity and explores new abilities of the mind. So we can learn a lot of new things and can make ourselves more useful to us and for society.

Meditation makes our mind concentrate on the important aspects of life rather than the unnecessary things of life. So it is a kind of guiding force for us to chose the right path for achieving happiness in life.

Therefore we must follow some meditation techniques for achieving true happiness of life.

5. Reading Books for Happiness

Reading books is a great habit that has a lot of benefits apart from happiness. It provides us with a lot of knowledge about life that makes us more thoughtful and helps us to achieve true happiness in life. More knowledge makes us realize the true nature and characteristics of life. It makes us aware of the false happiness of life and empowers us to achieve true happiness in life.

Reading also saves us a lot of time which we waste on several social media platforms. It diverts our mind from social media waste to something useful and informative. Reading also increase our command of language and literature.

It also strengthens our brain capacity that functions in a better way and can get happiness in the true sense. So follow a reading schedule and you will be surprised to see its effects on your life. It will fill your life with happiness and peace of mind.

6. Spend Some Time Alone

We all have a busy schedule in our life nowadays. It is practically impossible for us to spend some time alone. We are surrounded by many responsibilities like job, family and social etc. Apart from these, we are addicted to mobile phones and other digitals devices and equipment.

Therefore it is very challenging to find some time to spend it alone. So what is the benefit of spending some time alone? Actually, when we spend time alone, we can talk to ourselves. It is very good practice as we can think about our improvement and happiness. A great philosopher said that ” If we don’t spend some time alone, we will miss meeting a great person of our life.

Our mind is very powerful and intelligent but in the absence of peace, it doesn’t work effectively. So by spending some time alone you can increase the capacity of your mind and can achieve real happiness in life.

7. Do Some Gardening for Happiness

It is one of the best ways to achieve true happiness in life. Nature has a kind of positive energy that can make our mind very peaceful and happy. It generates a positive attitude in our life like other parts of nature. For example, tree faces a lot of tough conditions but still exists. It shows a kind of firmness in each object of nature. We are also part of the same nature and have the same ability. So nature tells us by various methods that we are tough creature.

The moment we realize our capacity, a kind of positivity emerges in us. This positivity is responsible for achieving true happiness in life. So never ignore the companionship of nature. If you don’t have a place for gardening go to some public garden and feel the nature. It will definitely give you true happiness in life.

8. Listen to Good Music

We all have a very hectic lifestyle in the present scenario. It is very hard to feel good. Music can make us happy very easily and conveniently. We can listen to some good music on the way to our workplace. It provides us with a sense of relaxed mind that makes us happy and recharged for work.

As per a study music creates a lot new neurons in the brain that enhances the capacity of brain. It soothes our mind and makes it ready for taking challenges in life. So with the help of music one can gain confidence over himself that also gives a kind of true happiness in life.

9. Be Grateful and kind

Gratefulness is the best way to know the value of true happiness in life. A grateful person knows the significance of the smallest things in life. He values the real aspects of life. So it makes him understand true happiness and how to achieve it. We must feel grateful for what we have in life and try to be happy.

Kindness on the other hand is one of the greatest virtue of a human being. A kind person feels the pain of others and tries to help him. Kindness enables us to feel the value of true happiness in life. It shows us the true values of life and human being. KIndness generates a wave of happiness in us. It makes us feel the real reason of humankind that is to help others. So never ignore the value of kindness. Do some charity work for needy people you will happy very happy in your life.

10. Forgiveness is the best way to achieve Happiness

In our daily life, we met several people and may have some conflict of ideas etc. It can create some negative thoughts in us for others. This negative thought definitely not going to make us happy and peaceful.

Therefore forgive all for your peace of mind. Remember forgiving others requires a lot of courage but do it as you will be benefitted most from it. When we forgive others a sense of positivity generates in us that makes us truly happy.

So Forgive all without enforcing any condition on yourself as the condition will make it hard to practice. Believe me, you will be very happy after forgiving all. Just do it.

11. Be Mindful Even if your mind is full

Mindfulness is the state of mind when we notice our every action. It makes our mind very sharp and active. As we know we have a lot of things in our mind due to which we may take some wrong decisions in life. Mindfulness creates a capacity of watching our every thoughts and action and makes us less vulnerable to wrong decisions in life.

Our decisions are the main reason for our happiness or sadness in life. So a mindful person can take a good decision in life and can make himself happy and peaceful in life.

Therefore practice mindful techniques of watching your thoughts and actions. Watch them carefully and with concentration. It will definitely enhance your happiness level and you will achieve true happiness in life.

So by following these techniques will definitely make you happy in true sense. One thing I’d like to say that you have tremendous capacity in yourself. Just identify them and work for your passion true happiness will be yours

All the best!!!.


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